Fall Bridesmaids Guide

bridesmaids dresses

Choosing the perfect bridesmaid dresses can be a difficult decision, especially when it comes to fall weddings. While everyone will try to chime in with their own opinion, it is, after all, your big day, so you will have the final say. There is a fine line between pleasing all of your bridesmaids, staying true to your vision and being prepared for the unpredictable fall weather, so finding a perfect balance is key. Here are some tips to help you make the right choices for your bridesmaids and make this fall wedding a flawless one:

Shape and Fabric

Think about the individual body types and styles of each one of your bridesmaids. Remember that one dress does not fit all. If you’d like them all to wear the same dress, choose one that will fit almost every body shape or one that can be altered easily, either to be let in or let out. Comfort should always be a priority, which is why you should be mindful of fabrics as well. The fall season can be a bit tricky when it comes to fabric selection. Depending on the climate, the best idea would be to avoid satin and charmeuse, as they tend to show perspiration, as well as dupioni silk, as it can appear too heavy for fall weather.

bridesmaids dresses

The Perfect Color Scheme

Hues are an important part of any wedding planning, and there a few ways to approach deciding on the right ones. First, keep in mind the color palette at your ceremony and reception venues, as well as your own scheme. If your wedding reception is held at a rustic inn that has brown and burgundy décor, for example, then you should probably stay clear of brightly colored bridesmaid dresses. Second, you should decide if you’d like your bridal party in a monochromatic look, or if you’d rather choose a color palette – don’t be afraid to experiment. Finally, let the season be your guide. Rich, saturated colors, such as auburn, chocolate and plum, are perfect for the fall season.

Different Mismatching Dresses

A big trend currently is mismatching bridesmaids dresses, and not just slightly different, but completely different in regards to color, design and pattern. There are a lot of beautiful women’s clothing options that can work perfectly with this trend and allow each of your girls to express their unique style and individuality, and make a bold statement. Although this trend appeared because of the popularity of the boho chic style, it can be applied to numerous wedding styles using different types of dresses and gowns. Bold necklines, various types of skirts and jewel-toned dresses are perfect for a mismatched fall look.

Two-toned Mismatching Bridesmaids Dresses

Another great way to take on the mismatching bridesmaids dresses trend is to decide on a two-color palette. In this case, the bridesmaids dresses are usually more or less the same, or matching in some way, and the statement is made with bold color choices. Although the colors are usually from the wedding color scheme, there are many more combinations you can try. Pairing of red and burgundy, teal and plum, and emerald and navy are great options for a fall wedding palette.

Matching Bridesmaids Dresses

If you are not sure what to choose, or you don’t want to puzzle over new trends, you can never go wrong with a classic look – perfectly matching bridesmaid dresses. You can always choose dresses which look exactly the same, but if you want to put a little twist on the matching option, you can opt for more or less the same gowns, but with different necklines or skirts, or even both, in order to highlight each girl’s style and silhouette in the best possible way.

bridesmaids dresses

Accessories and Styling

Remind your girls that wearing the right lingerie is essential. Even the most amazing dress can look unflattering with the wrong undergarments. Depending on the style of the dresses, your bridesmaids may need some additional support, or a specific panty or body shaper, so be mindful of that fact. When it comes to choosing the right pair of shoes, comfort should be your top priority. The best idea may be to tell your bridesmaids the specifics, such as color, heel type and height, and let them find the perfect pair for themselves. A few little extra details, such as jewelry and shawls, can go a long way. You can let your bridesmaids choose their own, preferably minimalistic, jewelry, as to not take anything away from the dress, but still show their individual style.

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