Fall Wedding Fashion Trends: What Brides and Grooms Should Know

fall wedding fashion

Fall wedding season brings out a rich color palette, unique fashion options, and scenery that is sure to make your wedding photos pop. The early autumn months are the most popular for weddings, and it’s easy to understand why! Dressing and designing your wedding in accordance with seasonal trends can add a layer of taste that elevates your wedding above the rest. Read on to learn how you can plan an unforgettable fall wedding.

The Fall Color Scheme

The chillier months feature a beautiful assortment of leaves, in stunning red, orange, and yellow tones. If you’re opting for a splash of color in your dress or suit, try matching the season around. Soft yellows and gold tones look especially spectacular for outdoor weddings this time of year. Or, if you want to embrace the holiday spirit, bold blacks and deep reds or purples will add some spookiness to your wedding, perfect for those getting married in late October. Of course, your color palette will depend on your wedding theme. Autumn is the season when people start getting cozy, so warmer tones will make your guests feel extra comfortable.

Choosing a Stunning Autumnal Outfit

Fall wedding dresses offer the right amount of versatility when it comes to design. While winter weddings may require a dress that can actually keep you warm, a fall wedding dress has more leeway, especially early on in the season. Dresses with sleeves are definitely the more popular choice for autumn weddings, but this isn’t as limiting as it sounds. There are a plethora of unique sleeves among wedding dress designers these days, from the more classic long-sleeve to lacy designs showing off your arms. Moreover, if you choose to forego a dress and opt-in for a bridal suit, the fall season brings about plenty of opportunities for fashionable blazers. Consider incorporating lace into your suit, whether through the blazer or top underneath.

fall wedding fashion


For grooms, don’t feel limited to a black suit on your autumn wedding day. Darker, natural tones will both flatter you and match the feel of the changing seasons. Deep reds and greens, like burgundy or emerald, are sure to be show-stoppers, especially if they match some aspect of your theme. This color can be incorporated into your wedding look in a variety of ways, from the suit itself to the tie you choose. However, if you do love black, fall weddings are the perfect opportunity to wear an entirely black suit, including the shirt. It’ll be dramatic, fit right into gothic October wedding vibes, and make you stand out amongst the crowd.

Embracing the Seasonal Decor

Luckily, Mother Nature decorates the trees with gorgeous autumnal colors on your behalf when you get married this time of year. When it comes to fall wedding decor, it’s best to find centerpieces and decorations to match. Rustic decorations embrace the coziness of autumn, so consider looking into wooden accents. Candles and darker-toned florals will add a romantic flair that will have all your guests in the mood to celebrate love. Additionally, vintage decor is a popular autumn trend, especially as Halloween has people embracing old traditions and spooky stories.


Incorporate Your Personal Style

While following fall fashion trends will make your wedding worthy of everyone’s Pinterest boards, it’s most important to design your wedding to fit your own personal style. You don’t need to embrace every fall trend to have the perfect autumn wedding. Pick and choose what speaks to you, and plan the wedding of your dreams!

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