Fancy Meal Options To Serve at Your Wedding

Planning a special event requires attention to detail and special items to make it more memorable. Learn these fancy meal options to serve at your wedding.

If you have been planning your wedding for some time, you know there are many things you need to take care of with many different options. Depending on the theme of your wedding and the location, you should aim to match every aspect, especially the food. There are certain elements that people expect and wait to see at your wedding to have a wonderful experience, and food is one of those elements. If you haven’t decided what to serve and are still looking for alternatives, learn about these fancy meal options to serve at your wedding that will impress everyone.

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Steak and Vegetables

This is a traditional meal that will never fail to impress and please your guests, and you can also have the vegetarian option for this meal. There are several steak cuts that can match your budget and help you deliver a great dinner party. Some of the classic cuts are rib-eye, T-bone, and New York strip. You can have them serve a cut with vegetables like asparagus or broccoli to complement the taste.

Dairy-Free Lasagna

This meal keeps rising in popularity because people are more aware of not consuming dairy products. A dairy-free lasagna is a perfect option for a wedding because it will prevent your guests from feeling a looking bloated while wearing evening gowns. Feeling heavy and overly full at a party is not the best option when you want to have fun, so keeping a meal light is always a smart decision.

Alaskan Salmon

Certain places worldwide are famous and popular for being the only ones that can provide a certain type of food, elevating the desire and interest. There are some types of seafood that you can only find in Alaska, and this type of salmon is one of them. The main differences are the weather conditions that make the salmon stronger and tastier—and the size of a delicious wild king salmon.

Tender Lamb

One of the best options for a fancy meal at your wedding is lamb cooked so tender that it melts in your mouth. This is the perfect alternative to beef and chicken, which are commonly served and are delicious, but lamb will bring a visually attractive dish with an incomparable flavor. For every meat option, it is important to have a vegan alternative to make everyone feel welcome.

Dessert Buffet

No meal would be complete without dessert, and having a buffet with different options will make your wedding unforgettable. Some of the most popular items you can get are donuts, waffles, a chocolate fountain with fresh fruit, and if the climate allows, an ice cream bar. There are plenty of unique dessert options to choose from. Before finishing the main entrée, the staff in charge should set up the dessert buffet to surprise the guests and deliver it at the perfect time.

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