Fashion tips for the pregnant bride

pregnant bride

When you are pregnant and you want to get married there are a lot of changes going on in your body. You are probably tired faster or maybe sick in the morning. Here are some fashion tips for the pregnant bride.

Choose the wedding date

What is the best time to get married when you are pregnant? Doctors advise to do this between three and seven months of your pregnancy. When you are being pregnant in 12 weeks you still feel your best. Later in the pregnancy you may have more problems with your thickening belly. So a wedding dress is still nice to wear during this period.

Wedding dress with a round belly

When you are a pregnant bride the Empire dress or Aline model will fit perfectly. Every bridal store knows how to deal with pregnant woman so ask for advice if you are not sure what fits best. It’s op to you if you want to show of your belly. Or if you want to show it off.

Wedding shoes what to wear

Very high heels are not recommended although it’s stylish. Especially when your ankles and feet are swollen during pregnancy. If you prefer to wear heels make sure you have a pair of ballerinas with you just in case they are uncomfortable.

Bridal lingerie for the pregnant bride

Wear lingerie that is supportive and comfortable. Do not buy your lingerie to early wait a bit so you will find the right size during your wedding day.

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