Favors And Gifts Your Wedding Party Will Love


Brides love shopping for their wedding. Choosing a dress, flowers, and a venue is one of the best things about it. The trouble is, with so much to buy, you can quickly run out of steam. One of the last things on the list is the thank you gifts and favors for your wedding party. With so many wonderful friends and family members helping you with your wedding, a gift to say thanks is really important. So what will you get them?

Memories of your big day are really important. You might even choose to have some pre-wedding photography taken. These pictures might include your bridesmaids and any children involved in the event. They can make beautiful gifts for the people involved. Simply select an ornate frame and attach a sentimental card with some heartfelt words of thanks. A lovely gift to treasure forever.

Many brides like to coordinate their bridesmaids in the same dress for the wedding. This helps keep the style of the wedding true and further enhances the bride’s choice of theme. Sadly, those beautiful bridesmaid dresses are unlikely ever to be worn again. Why not check out places like the online jewellery shopping ELF925 wholesalers website where you can buy matching earrings or bracelets? These can be worn time and again, and make wonderful keepsakes for your big day.


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The tradition of bags of candied almonds seems to have fallen out of favor. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it. Of course, you might prefer to stay away from nuts or candies. Instead, you could try glazed fruits or even mini muffins. The presentation doesn’t have to be a bag either. Small card gift boxes are ideal for favors or gifts, and they’re much easier to personalize too.

With so many flowers at the wedding, you may be reluctant to bring more along to give as gifts. However, small paper or silk flowers in a brooch or as a purse charm can be perfect. You can match them to your wedding theme, and even personalize them with the recipient’s name. Your options are endless if you’re skilled enough at craft making to produce them yourself.

The more elaborate the gift, the more it will be remembered. Don’t forget you have a wedding budget, though. It’s easy to overspend on gifts when you’re already spending thousands on your own special day. Soft toys and wedding themed souvenirs are often very welcomed and won’t break the bank. You can choose to shop around wedding gift stores online or check out your local wedding fayres.

Your wedding will always be remembered for its beauty. The whole experience will stick with you for the rest of your life. If you’re trying to offer your guests that same level of recall, a small favor or gift could be the perfect way to do it. Choose ideas that can be enjoyed time and again rather than one-off gift ideas. A T-shirt will always be a fun novelty item, but it simply won’t be relevant after your big day. Jewelry, photo frames, and decorative ornamental items will enjoy much greater longevity and use.

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