Final Beauty Preparations for Your Dream Wedding

Elegant, sophisticated, and all-around perfect – that’s how most girls imagine their big day to be like. Aside from choosing the right venue, selecting the catering company, and finding the dreamiest wedding dress, a bride-to-be also needs to step up her beauty regimen. From teeth whitening to nourishing your skin to personalizing your hairstyle, here is a list of final beauty preparations you should tackle before your big day.

Focus on eating healthily and exercising

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All the planning and organizing it takes to throw the perfect wedding can cause us to put healthy habits on a back-burner. Avoid the stress and anxiety that come with a lack of sleep and unhealthy foods by getting enough rest each night and planning your meals in advance. Forego fad diets and stick with healthy foods and snacks, eating every four hours or so. Try to limit your alcohol and sugar intake to ensure clear skin. Aside from meals, you should also plan your workouts for fitness success. Aim for the ones that focus on toning up, and consider getting spray tan before the wedding to give your body a healthy glow.

Maintain glowing complexion

Every bride-to-be dreams of picture-perfect skin on her big day, and the earlier you start prepping the better. Exfoliate regularly to buff away dead skin cells, and consider adding a brightening serum to your exfoliation routine. Nourish your skin while you’re still in the shower by using a gentle cleanser and rich lotion, and get into dry brushing to ensure smooth, glowy skin. If you’re not satisfied with your complexion, head to the dermatologist for skincare advice. Even if you are happy with your skin, you should consider scheduling regular facials to help maintain it. Laser hair removal is another treatment that can give you peace of mind prior to the wedding, but zapping away those unwanted hair does take time, so start early.

Step up your hair care game

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Aside from your skin, your hair also deserves some TLC. In the months leading to your wedding, try to shampoo less frequently. Overshampooing will fade the color and make it duller, and it won’t be doing any favor to gorgeous highlights either. When you do shampoo your hair, however, always use a conditioner or a hair mask to keep your hair hydrated. You can also add a couple of drops of vitamin E oil to give your locks some extra TLC. If your wedding day is approaching and you’re not satisfied with the length, you can always rely on quality hair extensions to amplify your natural hair’s length and volume. Once applied, the extensions stay put all throughout your big day, whether you’re taking photos or dancing. As for the hairstyle, go with what feels natural. Forego all those Insta trends and over-the-top hair accessories and updos, aiming for timeless instead of trendy.

Keep your bridal makeup simple and sophisticated

Don’t think that the person you choose to do your makeup has to be a pro – oftentimes brides will choose a relative or a friend with great makeup skills they can rely on, or they will do their own makeup. Even if you’re one of the brides who usually don’t wear makeup or don’t like it for some reason, boosting your look even just for a bit can ensure you look and feel your best on your big day. Nevertheless, always try out the desired makeup look in advance, and if you’re doing the makeup yourself, practice until perfect. It should still look like you, only more refined and sophisticated. Finally, investing in quality brow products or microblading will help frame the face, while false lashes and nails will serve as the perfect finishing touches to a stunning bridal look.

Perfect your pearly whites

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Hardly anyone likes heading to the dentist, but maintaining good oral health is imperative, even more so as your wedding day is nearing. Consider scheduling teeth cleaning and maybe even opt for a teeth whitening treatment if your pearly whites aren’t perfectly white. Amping up your smile can be as easy as using teeth whitening strips at home, but you can always get a pro to do it for you. The liquids you consume on a regular basis can also result in less than a perfect smile. To prevent staining from wine and coffee, consider drinking them using straws, especially if you’re getting your teeth whitened.


Perfecting your look is imperative in the days leading to your big day. The memories you create that day will last forever, and so will those wedding photos you will be snapping all day long, so make sure you start preparing on time. Incorporate these steps into your beauty regimen and you’ll be walking down the aisle with confidence and grace of a princess.

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