Fine Engagement Ring Designs To Suit Your Style: You can’t go wrong with these

If you’re in the market for an engagement ring there’s no shortage of options to choose from. From the design of the ring, the shape and colour of the gemstone, to the number of gemstones, the choice of metal, and other unique additions, including the ability to develop your own custom designs. Then we have the price. Knowing what kind of engagement ring in terms of these factors is right for you is not a straightforward choice. So we have made the task of choosing the right engagement ring design for you easier. Presuming that you have made up your mind on the type of precious stone, and if it is more than the one-the number of stones, a point that is worth considering beforehand, along with your favourite metal of choice. Also, do aware that the choice of your engagement ring will depend on your lifestyle as well. Once these are in place, we can move to the task of selecting the right engagement ring design.

A Classy Choice: Solitaire Engagement Rings

Nothing tells the world the meaning of your commitment to your partner than a solid solitaire engagement ring. The ring design that comes with a large centre stone, set on a beautiful band. The classic solitaire engagement ring is the favourite choice of most engagement ring seekers. Where the large centre stone is the point of focus, which is carefully elevated higher, and with the right metal of choice, along with the colour and clarity of the gemstone. And when it is all set in place it is a sight to behold.

Solitaire engagement ring designs can be considered a premium option in this range, as it is tough to go wrong with this simple but luxurious ring design. Since the centre stone is the often the only gemstone (though some solitaire ring designs do come with the addition of accent stones: usually placed on the shank of the ring), more attention needs to be given to this choice. In terms of how it fits your metal band colour, your skin type and later, your wedding ring of choice.

Solitaire Engagement Rings

The Unique Design of Cluster Engagement Rings

Cluster engagement rings are a rarer option, that comes in a variety of sub-designs, with varied stone placements. As opposed to having a large, single centre stone; cluster engagement rings, consist of a cluster of smaller a gemstone that is carefully placed to produce the desired design. The placement of these gemstones will depend on the type of centre stone and its shape that you have chosen. Such as in halo engagement rings. In the absence of a centre stone, the cluster of small gemstones will be organized to produce the desired design, which, depending on the placement may mimic the design of an engagement ring with a large centre stone.

In some instances, a person can opt for two different types of gemstones: with a diamond centre stone, and a cluster of smaller sapphires or the precious stone of choice to create your desired design. In terms of other options in the same category, you could opt for a centre stone shape that consists solely of accent stones: that have been carefully placed to create that design. Or for an engagement ring that has a cluster of gemstones placed along with its shank.

When picking engagement rings, the cost is naturally a key factor. A halo engagement ring styles, that come with a diamond centre stone, with a cluster gemstone placement-with numerous sapphires and rubies, or other precious stones of your choice-may prove too costly. Hence an alternative design, such as an engagement ring that has a single carat sapphire centre stone, with smaller diamond accent stones around it, might be an option that is worth considering. In terms of their popularity, cluster engagement rings are a much sought after style, with celebrities from Amy Adams and, Katherine Heigl sporting this style.

Uncanny Colour Accented Engagement Rings

When it comes to engagement rings, there need not only be one stone, nor should the centre stone (or stones), always be a diamond. For example, sapphire engagement rings are getting increasingly popular. When selecting the choice of precious stones one may opt for colourful combinations. Consider this an unusual choice. Colour accented engagement rings, in some ways similar to the cluster engagement ring design, combines multiple gemstones, usually with varied colours. The combination of two or more colours gives the engagement ring its unique accented style.

Colour accented stones differ from the more common engagement in that they include different types of gemstones of higher carat sizes, that are carefully placed to create a unique design effect. Since the focus in this engagement ring design is on the combination of coloured a precious stone, you are free to pick your favourite combination of precious stones, along with right metal of choice, that would help accentuate your style. However, besides the element of style, there are other factors you should consider when picking the right engagement ring: from lifestyle, outdoor habits etc (add link). And how they affect the choice of engagement ring. In sum, colour accented engagement rings are a different but trendy the choice for your beloved.

Colour Accented Engagement Rings

‘Surrounded by a Halo’: Halo Engagement Rings

If you’re the spiritual type or someone who likes the idea of communicating something more with your engagement ring of choice, this design might be the choice for you. Halo engagement rings can be considered a version of cluster engagement rings. However, the key difference is the specific character of the stone placements. In halo engagement rings, the centre stone is in the form of a circle or square, which is then surrounded by a number of smaller gemstones. This design, other than its halo-like effect, also helps to visually increase the size of the centre stone. Even though the main gemstone is of a smaller kind, its encirclement by smaller gemstones gives it greater visual prominence.

For the cost-conscious, but who would yet like a larger centre stone: such as a high carat diamond or sapphire, can opt for this design. However the price potential is only one factor to consider, halo engagement rings is a design that is growing in popularity. When the German songwriter Tom Kaulitz proposed to his model, girlfriend Hedi Klum in 2018, he did so with an emerald-cut teal sapphire engagement ring, with the precious stone placed in a halo setting, surrounded on either side by smaller cushion-cut diamonds. As you can see with the halo design for engagement rings, the customization options are numerous, which is something to consider for the more creative design seeker.

So there you have it. A quick, but informative look at engagement ring design options for you to choose from. If you wish to make your bride-to-be happy and ready for the big day, it is best to be informed when starting your search for the ring that sets the story in motion.

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