From Gifts To Get-Ups The Ultimate Wedding Guest Checklist

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Wedding season is here, and if you’re looking forward to watching friends or family members tie the knot, you may have a lot on your plate. They say that planning a wedding is one of the most stressful things you’ll ever do, but there’s a fair bit for guests to think about, as well as the happy couple. If you’re attending weddings this year, here’s the ultimate checklist to make sure you’re sorted for the big day.

The outfit

A wedding is of course, all about the bride and groom, but it’s also a brilliant opportunity to get dressed up and catch up with friends and family. If ever there was a great excuse to indulge in some retail therapy, this is it. When you’re choosing an outfit for a wedding, there are various things to bear in mind. The location will usually influence your decision, especially if the wedding is abroad. Think about the temperature, and plan accordingly. If it’s going to be boiling outside, opt for light fabrics, rather than heavy beading or a very fitted dress. Maxi dresses and midi skirts are great for destination weddings. Make sure you apply the same logic to your shoes. You don’t want to be trying to negotiate a sandy beach in stilettos. It’s also a good idea to think about the theme of the wedding. If you’re going to a traditional ceremony in a church, you’ll probably need something more formal than a country style knees up in a barn.

When you’re shopping, try and be open-minded, and try a variety of options. If you can, avoid very popular household names, as you don’t want to turn up in the same outfit as other guests. Have a look online and visit some independent stores. Alternatively, you could customize your outfit. If you’ve got a plain dress, for example, you could add embellishment around the neck.

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The gift

Most guests like to take a gift to a wedding. Some couples will include a gift list, and some may ask for donations towards their honeymoon. If you have free reign to choose a present yourself, go for something thoughtful and original. Browse gift guides and get some inspiration from magazines. Think about what the couple like to do in their spare time, and try and opt for something unique. If you shop at sites like Cuckooland, you can buy personalized gifts, which is a great way of ensuring that your present is bespoke. If your friends or relatives already have everything they need at home, go off-piste and consider other options. Perhaps you could treat them to an afternoon spa session, or you could buy them vouchers for a new restaurant in town.

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Transport and accommodation

Before you go to a wedding, make sure you have the logistics pinned down. If you’re leaving town, you may need to book transport and a hotel. Look out for details and recommendations from the couple, and liaise with other guests. If you’re going overseas, always compare flight prices online before you book. Take the invitation with you, so you have a good idea of timings.

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Are you going to a wedding in the coming weeks or months? If so, hopefully, this helpful checklist will come in handy.


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