Fun Ways To Keep Children Entertained at Your Wedding

children at your wedding

If you’re allowing children at your wedding, you should find ways to keep them busy during your event. Here are a few fun ways to keep them entertained.

It’s a trendy choice among couples to have a child-free wedding. However, others embrace the idea of children attending their weddings and think about them throughout the entire wedding planning process.

Finding fun ways to keep children entertained at your wedding isn’t difficult, and it’s nice to provide engaging and kid-friendly activities to occupy your young guests during the reception.

Try adding these entertaining activities to your reception to prevent children from getting fussy and bored at your wedding. A happy crew of kids is much easier to manage than a bored one!

Provide Outdoor Games 

If your wedding venue has an open outdoor space and the weather permits, you should provide outdoor games for the kids (and adults) to enjoy. Have fun classic games like lawn bowling, Jenga, Connect 4, or bean bag toss to keep your younger guests occupied and busy. 

If it’s a rainy day, don’t worry! You can still provide a space where kids can play board games and mingle. This is the perfect opportunity to allow the shy little ones to socialize and create new friendships. 

Create an I Spy List for Kids

Provide each table at your wedding reception with an I Spy list for the kids to work on during the speeches and first dance. A typical kid-friendly list will include items like a white dress, a yummy dessert, something green, etc.

Provide disposable cameras to each table so they can document their findings! Having your table participate in a game of I Spy is a great way to keep the kiddos included.

Have a Designated Area for Kids 

If many children are attending and are all around the same age, have a designated area and table for the kids to have fun and giggle all night long. It’s good to have a few games, entertainment, and a designated babysitter to supervise the kid zone area.

Keep Them Busy With Arts & Crafts

A great way to keep children entertained at your wedding is by creating a designated area with wedding-themed art supplies. They can create cards for the newlyweds, design their own cake, or make their version of a wedding dress. An arts and crafts section will help keep them occupied while fostering visual arts appreciationand creativity.

Invite All the Kids to the Dance Floor

While the adults are mingling, call all the kids to the dance floor for about 30 minutes of kid-only dance time. Ask the DJ to play kid-appropriate and clean versions of popular songs that the little ones will love. Allow the kids to run around and party hard before the adults come onto the dance floor. 

Before opting for a kid-free wedding, think of the quick, easy, and cheap ways you can keep the little ones involved and entertained. From designating an area specifically for kids to having a 30-minute DJ party, fun activities will make the children at your wedding appreciate you inviting them.

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