Fun Ways To Make Your Wedding More Unique

Forget the aspects of a traditional wedding and have a little fun with our ways to make your wedding more unique. Impress the guests with extraordinary details.

Many women dream about their wedding years before meeting their partner, and that’s because their wedding day is their fairytale and happily-ever-after. While traditional weddings offer sophistication, try different fun ways to make your wedding more unique. Choosing uncommon elements curates the wedding to the couple’s style for the most magical day.

Have a Live Painter

While photographers and videographers are great resources at your wedding, hiring a live painter gives you the perfect keepsake you can’t find anywhere else. A hand-crafted, one-of-a-kind painting will look beautiful wherever you hang it in your house.

Honor Your Heritage With Themed Cocktail Snacks

Get in touch with your roots and honor your heritage with cultural cocktail snacks. Don’t spoil the dinner, and offer small snacks to hold guests over until the meal is ready. This is a great way to celebrate your family and where you come from.

Chalkboard Love Story

The guests you invite might not know you and your partner’s love story. Draw it up on a chalkboard with charming doodles that guests can marvel at. You can reuse this decoration in your home next to the live painting for an epic representation of your love story.

Try an Uncommon Dessert

Every year comes with new wedding dessert trends. Take a look at what’s popular now, and add your own twist. Steer clear of the traditional desserts and find something you know you’ll enjoy; an aesthetically pleasing dessert table is just as much décor as anything else.

Earth-Friendly Confetti

A lot of weddings have sparkler or confetti send-offs, but none of those items are Earth-friendly. Pay your respect to Mother Nature and create Earth-friendly confetti from dried leaves and flowers. Tossing it as you walk back down the aisle with your new spouse will be beautiful without harming the environment.

Leave a Message After the Tone

One of the more delightful ways to make your wedding more unique is this remarkable guest book. Instead of everyone writing a message and their name, they can leave a heartfelt voice memo that you and your partner can replay forever.

Gone but Never Forgotten

We all have loved ones that passed on too soon, and we wish they could make it to the big day. Pay your respects and show appreciation by having a table solely for pictures of late family members and friends so that you can feel their presence at the ceremony and reception.

Your wedding is your and your partner’s dream day, so don’t let anyone convince you to add elements that you don’t want. Make the day unforgettable with these ideas, and you’ll have keepsakes forever. Whichever route you choose, guests will enjoy themselves.

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