Get it Done, Newlyweds: Tips for Decorating Your First Home Together!

Now that you are married to the love of your life, it is time to do something practical like decorating your first home as a married couple. It doesn’t matter if you had lived together before you were married because you will update your home as a married couple and celebrate a new chapter of your lives.

The first thing that you will learn about married while you are decorating your home together is just how important it is to compromise. It won’t always be easy to agree on a design. Those kinds of disagreements can turn into big arguments, so it is better to compromise than to start your marriage by arguing. It is important that you are working on your marriage even when you are designing your home.

decorating your home

Decide What You Like and Don’t Like

The first and most important step when you are decorating your home together is deciding on what both of you like and what you don’t like. After that, you need to talk about how you will be able to join and combine your styles. The important thing is that you keep your mind open with your spouse’s ideas and vice versa. As a woman, you might feel the urge to take control over decorating your home. But it is important that you include your spouse and make sure that he is happy or fine with any decision that you make. 

Focus on Your Bedroom the Most

Let’s face it the most important room in the house when you are newlywed is your bedroom. Therefore, it should be given the most attention. It is important that you create a room that will be your romantic and relaxing as it will be the place where you will escape all the stress from your life. Add some tasteful furniture, new bedding, side tables, and lamps. What most newlyweds forget when they are decorating their bedrooms is the carpet. Having a wool carpet in your room will not only make it more stylish it comes with a wide range of benefits like sound insulation, but it also acts as a natural humidifier as it will maintain the balance of moisture in the room and make a healthy environment for you and your spouse.

decorating your home

Choose the Color Palette

Not a lot of people are aware that the color palette that you decide to go with will dictate the vibe of your room. If you don’t plan the palate, you will end up with furniture that will clash with it. Start with talking about what color schemes you like and then compromising and choosing something you are both placed with. If you can’t seem to find the middle ground, try incorporating two by one being the main color and second being the color being the accent one.

Set a Realistic Budget

Because you have probably spent most of your budget on your ceremony in order to have an unforgettable time and the best wedding photography, you don’t want to go broke decorating your home. You have to make sure that you can afford the things you want to decorate your home with, whether it’s a simple lick of paint inside and out or a bigger job such as a home door replacement. Nothing has to be luxurious and expensive in order to look nice. If you know that you won’t be spending much time in some rooms, you can invest more in only one and add small details to others.

Learn How to Compromise

If you had never lived together before you got married, learning how to compromise will be an important step in your marriage. The key to having a good marriage is communicating and figuring things out together. If you like something and want it in the house, ask your spouse what the things are and where you should put it. By compromising with your spouse is the best way to merge two styles into one. Never purchase something for your new home without talking to your spouse first. 

Decorating your first place as newlyweds is something that you will never get to do again, and that makes it that much special. Your new home is where you will create new memories and build your family.

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