Get To Know Your Inner Beauty

In a world where we’re constantly seeking validation, it can be hard to realise that our own validation is enough. But there’s no denying that it’s sometimes easier said than done.

Every woman likes to be told she’s beautiful. Take control. Don’t be that woman anymore. Get to the point where you know you’re beautiful, irrelevant of if someone tells you says Chicago blogger. We’re all beautiful; we just need to come to terms with ourselves. Again, this is no easy task. It involves undoing everything you think you know. It’s a goal well worth dedicating your time to, though!

Here are some steps you can take straight away to help yourself reach your goal.


You won’t believe you’re beautiful if you don’t see yourself clearly. In truth, few of us really see ourselves. We look at our bodies so much more critically than we would anyone else’s. Is it any wonder we’re always dissatisfied? Taking the time to see your body realistically is crucial. Get used to the way your body looks. Don’t be critical, or judge the parts of yourself you don’t like. Take the time to look at yourself and accept. Full-length mirrors can be ideal for this practice. Take some time, each night, to stand in front of a full-length mirror and study yourself. Do this naked, if you can. If you don’t feel comfortable, start off in underwear and build the practice. Judge your body with the kindness you would judge somebody else’s. Learn where your lumps and bumps are and learn to love them.

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So often, when we look for style tips the feel good guides will knock the use of makeup and other beauty products. You don’t need to scrap the use of beauty products altogether to feel good about yourself. In fact, beauty products can be a great aid in making you feel good. The trick is to change the way you use them. Too often we use beauty products to look good for other people. Change your view, and use these products for yourself. Look good for you, nobody else! After all, you’re working on not needing validation from anybody, right? Beauty products can also be an excellent way to know yourself better. Trying new things is going to get you more familiar with different aspects of your body. New skincare will help you know your skin. New makeup will help you know what looks good on you and will help avoid any wedding make-up mistakes.

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You never look better than when you’re smiling. If your mood is low, it’ll show in your appearance. Take the time to stay active to improve your mood, and see how that happiness shines in every aspect of your life. Everything’s better when you have a smile on your face, after all!

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