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The basis for a beautiful face is smooth skin, because this will keep your makeup on much better. Take care of your skin in the weeks before your wedding. You can do this naturally to look your best at your wedding. During this day all eyes are focused on you, there is also a photographer who captures every detail throughout the day. Subtle bridal makeup create a fresh look that makes you shine!

Accentuate your strong points

With the right makeup from can accentuate the strong points in your face and camouflage irregularities. They offer the best hand-vetted beauty products at affordable prices. Makeup for eyes, face, lipsSalon and Spa items Tools and accessories. Fragrances for men and women. Luxury makeup and skincare.

For a fresh and beautiful appearance, you can apply a little concealer under your eyes. In general, it is best to choose a color that is slightly lighter than your own skin color. But the undertones of your skin color can also have a lot of influence on which color concealer you can use best. So it is always recommended to let your makeup artist help you with this.

Choosing a lipstick for your wedding can be tricky, especially if you don’t normally wear lipstick. Therefore, at least use a color that fits well with your skin tone. You can find the best lipsticks here:
Watch out for a too dark lipstick, because this can make you pale. A good tip is to choose a color that is closest to your own lip shade. And make it even more radiant with a glossy lip gloss over it.

Large and expressive eyes are always beautiful. The best way to create such an open and fresh look is to apply a good amount of mascara and a light shiny eye shadow color in your inner corner. This also makes your look a lot fresher!

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