Getting married in Lake Como: a dream come true!

lake como

Making your wedding take place in Italy Lake Como is a dream for many of us and we understand why!

Bella Italia, where do I start? The country is known for its delicious cuisine, beautiful nature and great temperatures. In addition, many people already fall in love with hearing the language and we have nothing more than praising words about Italian culture. Getting married in Italy is a dream of many of us and we understand why! So why not distinguish yourself from all your friends and family and choose a destination wedding. Think of unique locations such as Lake Como, fantastic nature and good food! What more can you ask for.

lake como

Villa Wirnica in Como Lake

Wirnica is a gorgeous ancient villa in Como Lake perfect for events, weddings and photoshoots. This is one of the most beautiful locations in the world and it traces back to the sixteenth century. Think about a perfect ceremony surrounded by a park with breath-taking views. It is the deepest lake in Italy and many celebrities go here for a holiday getaway. And that’s for a good reason! Villa Wirnica is an exclusive historic location with beautiful gardens. The villa includes luxurious bedrooms and bathrooms for your guests and an ancient garden with beautiful swimming pool.

Why Lake Como?

Italy is by far the number 1. It is the land of love, passion, beautiful nature and tasty food! If you have ever been to Italy yourself, I’m sure you are well aware of their top pasta’s, the best gelato and good coffee. The Italians can enjoy it and share their love of food with you. Nature is another reason for choosing Italy. The country has the most beautiful lake, including Lago di Como.

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