Getting married in your own backyard

A wedding in your own backyard can be a beautiful and intimate way to celebrate the big day. But what are the options and what should you consider? We have listed the most important things.

Can you officially get married in your own backyard?

To legally get married in your own backyard, the location where the ceremony takes place must be a wedding location. You can have your backyard designated as a one-time wedding location, but there are also other options. For example, you can choose to get married ceremonially and perform the official acts at an earlier time at the town hall.

Wedding location for one day

If you want to have your backyard designated as a one-time wedding location, you must ask the municipality what the options are. This includes arranging permits and meeting certain safety requirements. In any case, it is useful to check with your municipality what needs to be officially arranged.

Cost of a wedding in your backyard

Getting married in your own backyard budgeting tips:

In some cases, a wedding in your backyard can be cheaper than a party at an external location. However, there are also costs that you have to take into account, such as the rental of tables and chairs, decoration, catering including staff and power supplies. Consider hiring a food truck or creating a DIY food station, such as a “build-your-own taco” bar or s’mores station.

It is also wise to rent a tent in case it rains. We have collaborated several times with OMG Rentals, a company that rents and also sets up stretch tents during your day.

Also consider shady areas for guests when the weather is nice. For example, you can purchase a number of parasols or awnings.

Catering in your backyard

An important part of the wedding is of course the catering. You can choose to hire a caterer, but you can also take care of the catering yourself. A nice option, for example, is to rent a food truck. This creates a cozy atmosphere and guests can choose what they want to eat.

Make sure that there are enough staff available to ensure everything runs smoothly. And, for example, arrange enough glassware, unless you are sure that guests are happy to rinse their glasses themselves with additional drinks.

If you are going to work with professional catering: are there enough facilities available for the catering to do their work? Can they use your own kitchen to heat up dishes? Is there a possibility to rinse glassware? And what is done with waste?

married in your own backyard

Benefits of a backyard wedding

A wedding in your backyard has several advantages. This way you don’t have to travel during the wedding day and the location is completely known to yourself. If you have children, you can put them to bed in their familiar environment.

Personal and intimate atmosphere

In addition, it is often possible to organize the wedding in a way that completely suits your wishes and personality. For example, you can determine the decoration yourself and have the catering tailored exactly to your taste. The setting is also unique: you make unforgettable memories in a place that means a lot to you.


The great thing about a wedding in your backyard is that you can make many choices yourself. What decoration do you want? How do you want the day to go? How do you want to organize everything? You can think of everything yourself!

Friends project

You could do a lot of the organizing with friends and family. For example, we once experienced a wedding in an old barn on the property, but that barn was first renovated by friends. The goal was to have an awesome party night in that particular barn. And it worked!

Disadvantages of getting married in your own backyard

Of course there are also disadvantages. For example, noise pollution may arise. Parking can also be a challenge. You also need to take into account the size of your backyard and the number of guests you want to invite. You may need extra space, for example by fencing off part of the garden or by using a nearby parking space.

Music and sound equipment

Many weddings have music, for example during the party or ceremony. You can also use music during the reception. When you hire one or more musicians, also take into account the space they need.

So what do you think of marrying in your own backyard? Read more tips to prepare your wedding ceremony at home in this article.

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