Getting married while pregnant: tips for pregnant brides

pregnant brides

Preparing for your big day is a daunting task but when you are pregnant there is more to take into consideration. During your pregnancy your body will change due to raging hormones. That’s why it’s good to be prepared for your big day. If you are one of these pregnant brides don’t worry there are a lot of couples that got married while pregnant. Read these tips to prepare yourself better. You will be rest assured your wedding day will be just like you imagined!

It is obviously crucial to getting married while in pregnancy, the planning executing all the functions and shopping with the concern of taking care of yourself and your baby health. If you have not set a date, then set a date in your second trimester because, then you feel best and have more energy. It’s time to try an online trimester calculator that shows you the complete details of your 1st 2nd and 3rd trimesters of pregnancy including symptoms, related-risks, milestones for mother’s health, even provides key milestones, weight and length for baby. If your concern is with” when am i expecting my baby” then quit worrying as online pregnancy due date calculator assists you to estimate the expected due date and figure out your pregnancy week by week highlights.

Choose the right wedding date

If you still have the option to choose your wedding date doctors recommend to plan the wedding between three and seven months of pregnancy. This is the period most woman don’t experience a lot of nausea. Nausea is probably the biggest deal breaker if you are one of the pregnant brides so make sure you plan your wedding right. Check Pregnancy has a lot of information to combat nausea during your pregnancy. When you plan your wedding to late your stomach might feel like a huge ball and is less comfortable in a wedding dress. When it comes to season spring and autumn would be better than a hot summer day during pregnancy.

The day schedule

Now that you are pregnant there are a lot of changes in your body. It’s common to be more tired, feel sick or sleep less than normal. So it’s possible that you might need some rest during your wedding. Although its fun to plan a party till late at night you can also consider to plan a day party. It all depends on how you feel during your pregnancy.

Drinks and dinner for pregnant brides

If you are pregnant you can’t eat and drink what you want. So adjust your menu and read everything about nutrition during your pregnancy on  If you feel tempted to eat things you are not supposed to you can also prepare a menu that is entirely pregnancy proof. During pregnancy avoid raw products and skip on alcohol and you will have a lovely wedding day.

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