Give Your Guests a Great Time at Your Wedding

When you have planned a day that is perfect for you and your new husband or wife, you know you will have a great time. Part of having that ideal day though is making sure all your guests are happy as well, otherwise your day will be spoiled by being concerned about them.


Everyone expects to be hanging around for an hour or more at any wedding while the photographers do their job, but it can get pretty boring for your guests. Make sure there is seating for them, some drinks available and some light snacks. There will be photos that they will be needed for, so you do not want them wandering too far off because they have nothing to do.


Is there some distance between where you are getting married and the reception venue? Or maybe your chosen place for your wedding is off the beaten track. Guest all have to get there somehow and the answer could be hiring a party bus from a company like There will always be guests that do not drive, or some there is not enough room is cars for, and this is the perfect way to get them all from one place to another. By the time your reception starts, they will all be in the party mood after a journey on a party bus.

The Right Music

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If you do not want your dance floor to be empty you need to have the right music. Everyone has their favorites, so why not ask your guests for some suggestions? You can even use the music to help keep some organization throughout the day. If each table is given the choice of a tune, they would know that is the signal for them to go to get their food from the buffet, for instance. Or it could be that everyone on that table has to get up and dance to the music they have chosen.

Generally, people like to hear songs they know well, so lots of music from different bygone eras is usually the best option.


When people are drinking quite a bit, they like things they can pick at to eat to go with it. They may just have eaten a three-course meal, but a few light snacks about the place will always go down well. Make sure they are topped up throughout the day so that your guests can grab a bite to eat whenever they want.

Towards the end of the evening, perhaps have some hot snacks such as sandwiches or hot dogs, or maybe even some candy from a snack truck like the one at You may be surprised just how welcome they will be.


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As the day progresses and people have had more to drink, they will not be quite so concerned with how good they look. Women who have been wearing high heels all day will welcome something more comfortable for their feet. A few pairs of slippers or sandals available will be much appreciated to give their poor feet a rest, and with this type of footwear, size does not matter.

At the end of the day, this is your special time but you will remember it with much more fondness of you know your guests were happy as well.


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