Give Your Wedding A Brush Of Your Personality

It’s so easy to fall into traditions when it comes to your wedding. After all, you don’t want to upset your family and friends. And it can feel like you have to stick to certain rules when it comes to your wedding day. But as much as tradition should be part of the day, you should give your day a touch of uniqueness. And you can do this by giving your wedding a brush of your personality. After all, with some attitude and spark, it can turn your day around. In fact, here are some ways you can sprinkle some of your own personality on the wedding day.

Give a wedding speech

There are a lot of people you will likely want to thank during your wedding day. After all, the day won’t have been the same without their attendance and help. And most brides have to rely on their partner or the best man to deliver the message. But we have a voice, and there is no reason why we shouldn’t be heard. Therefore, if you want to give your day a brush of your personality, you should give your own speech. After all, you can make sure you thank the right people. And you can give a message to your new husband. In fact, everyone will remember your day for the bride giving a speech. And if you would rather not stand there and just talk, you could always read out a poem or even sing a song if it’s more your thing!


Go for a unique set of wheels

A lot of people feel they have no choice but to go for a traditional Rolls Royce or a stretch limo for their big day. But if neither of these are your thing, you should opt for a car which does tick all the right boxes. For example, you might prefer to make your way to the reception in a retro VW campervan which is perfect if you love traveling. Or you might want to go down the fun and exciting route by opting for a hummer. After all, you can find a large range of hummers available for hire online which would be perfect for your wedding day. Or it might be the case you want to go for your dad’s old car. After all, it can make you feel homely and more relaxed during your wedding day!

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Opt for a quirky dress and heels

Many girls feel pressured into choosing a white long traditional wedding dress for their big day. After all, they think it’s traditional and that it’s necessary to wear one. But if it’s not you, you should skip tradition and go for a quirky dress instead. After all, you want to be comfortable for the long wedding day ahead. And you don’t want to look back at photos to remember how much you hated that traditional number. Therefore, choose something perfect for you to help your day stand out. And don’t forget the shoes don’t have to be a classic satin number; opt for a pair of converse or even a set of red heels instead for your wedding!

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And choose a unique theme which will instantly remind guests of you. After all, a specific movie or even retro theme will ensure your personality comes across on the big day.

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  • Reply December 3, 2018

    Reed Adam

    It’s really is too hard to think of a unique theme especially for a wedding. Who wouldn’t want a wedding that will be remembered not only because of the love between the couple but the wedding itself hence a lot of couples splurge a huge amount of money when they get wed. Tradition should always be included of course but it is your wedding after all, so you have to induce your personality, that itself will make the ceremony unique.

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