Great Birthday Gifts for Guys That They Actually Want

They say that it’s tough to find a perfect gift for a woman, but those people have never had to buy a birthday present for your very specific and beloved significant male other, a picky brother, or a best friend with extremely unique requests, right? If you have a picky guy on your hands, then you might benefit from some assistance and creative suggestions, and then you’ll be able to turn an otherwise painful shopping experience into a fun strategy for impressing your guy, whoever he may be.

Introverted guys like gifts that speak to their innermost preferences, while extroverted men love the occasional shebang thrown in their name – if the current social distancing rules allow it, of course. Whether you want to organize a surprise pool party, turn it into a romantic getaway, or assemble a perfect gift basket, here are a few suggestions your man won’t be able to resist!

Gadgets that never fail to amaze

Is your guy a little bit nerdy and loves tech in all of its glory? Then this is a perfect chance to invest in a gadget he’ll genuinely use and cherish for a long time. Some men will appreciate the playful nature of a drone, for example, especially when paired with the potential for high-quality photography. Then again, you can pair up with someone and invest in a camera.

Giftwrap him an experience

Considering the current circumstances, perhaps one of the most wonderful things you can do is to ensure the lucky guy has some fun as soon as possible. How about a pair of concert tickets to a next year’s event he’s looking forward to, or a fitness pass to his favorite local gym he cannot wait to go back to?

If you’re a couple madly in love, perhaps a weekend getaway for some glamping at AutoCamp Russian River in sunny California? Combining the amenities of modern life with the intact beauty of nature will definitely be an unforgettable experience for both.

Throw him a classic party

Photo by Cassie Gallegos on Unsplash

In case his birthday is coming up in the next two months, and you’re a proud owner of a pool in your backyard, you can actually choose one out of many fun pool party ideas for him and his closest friends, provided that the social distancing rules subside.

Make sure you have some summer cocktails at the ready, paired with brilliant appetizers, some traditional barbecue, and of course, don’t forget ice-cream for dessert. Growing older doesn’t require growing up now, does it?

Men need grooming products, too

The modern man will take good care not just of his skin, but also his mane and his beard. That’s your chance to impress him with a few products from Style Standard that will complete his grooming collection. It can be a beard-care set consisting of nourishing oils and a comb, or you can aim for a shaving bundle if he likes the feel of a fresh, clean cut.

Aim for a fragrance that will be in line with his look, because a rugged, modern guy deserves an equally natural scent for all his needs.

Take him out for some fun

Not every outing has to be about hitting a club or booking a dinner reservation. If this is an important birthday, a sort of a milestone, perhaps go for something bolder. These are valid options, of course, but if the man in question has a taste for adventure, then you can aim for something wild like a safari experience which he’ll definitely never forget.

You can book a whitewater rafting tour, or take him to his favorite amusement park – and of course, dare him to take the most mind and belly-bending rollercoaster rides on offer.

Accessories he’ll love

Although not every man will fall madly in love with chinos or a lumberjack shirt, there are certain accessories men need in everyday life. Think: a classy, rugged watch that matches his style, a decent tie he can wear to any special occasion, or a wallet that will last him a lifetime. Just make sure you’re not buying something he already has, but rather find an item that is already worn out and in desperate need of a replacement.

You can never go wrong with booze

Refined men that love a good bottle of wine or can truly appreciate that bottle of scotch will love such a present for their birthday, too. It’s a treat, something that says that you know what he likes, and it certainly can become a shared experience over a steak dinner or for a family-style birthday party with a few people over.

So, there you have it – your own personal shopping list for men of all sorts and preferences, so that you can genuinely have some fun while picking out his next birthday gift. Hopefully, the rest will come easier, since you’ll have a supply of great, timeless suggestions right here, that will always appeal to the modern man in your life.

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