Great Hair Tips for the Perfect Wedding Event

wedding hair

So, your wedding day is approaching fast and you’re increasingly turning anxious about your look? Have you not decided yet the kind of hair to keep or flaunt on the most important day in life? Not sure whether to go for simple or try something new? Well, you’re not alone as many go through more or less the same set of emotions before the wedding.

No matter what kind of hair you plan for the wedding, it should complement your make-up and style perfectly. You should avoid trying something not done before as who knows, it might backfire at the last minute. The best strategy is to stick with either the ‘tried-and-tested’ or seek right consultation if you plan to experiment. Going too much adventurist is not recommend at this front.

Similarly, as a bride, you have to look the most beautiful on the wedding and anything less would not do. After all, you have hired an event management agency for the wedding, have all things covered then why not the best hair. Consult a right stylist and have a perfect look for the day.

Here are some great hair tips for perfect wedding events –

Plan well in advance

Don’t take chances with the hair particularly when the wedding days are just around the corner. Rather, you got to plan well in advance to avoid last minute bloopers. So, ideally, if you plan to get the hair colored or permed, make sure to have it at least one before the big day. This way, you will have plenty of time at hand to play, juggle and fiddle with the style. You can try out different combinations and permutations to get the desired look. You can thus have ample of time to fix the issues and be ready for the day.

Have a hair trial

Make sure you have a hair trial before the wedding day. Which means, by the time the D-day approaches, you will have tried and tested different hairstyles. Get clicked yourself to analyze whether the hair style you opt or plan for, gels well with your style, personality and above all the dress. More importantly, take into account suggestions and advices as others can chip in with valuable tips for your hair as well. They can be a better judge of whether the look you plan harmonizes well with your persona and dressing.

Be open to suggestions

The worst thing you can do is to not paying heed to suggestions of friends, colleagues, relatives or stylist for your hair. If you’re not open to suggestions, it might limit your scope of having a great hair on the wedding day. After all, only others can tell whether the hair style you plan is good or not. They are the part of the wedding audience and they understand, more than you, the ways a bride should look and her hair, appear. So, don’t hesitate in seeking inputs from anyone who matters!

Consult more than one stylist

For a perfect wedding hair, you must consult more than one stylist for sure. Sticking to one may not bring you more options and styles. You can shop around and seek inputs from at least two stylists to enhance the choices in regard to hair style and patterns. Wedding is a big event where you will the center of attraction, so you got to be ready to catch the attention with perfect wedding hair and a unique style. Stylists know what suit a specific personality type and they would enrich you with tips, knowledge and right styles for the hair.

Focus on being true to yourself

It’s a mistake many brides do – going over the top with their hair and losing the original self on the wedding day. It happens as the big occasion often prompts us to give experimentation a try without realizing its outcomes. In most cases, a new thing won’t suit you neither will you feel comfortable with that. Plus, the hair style you choose is new to you as well and this can create a lot of uncertainty. The only advice is – stay with the hair style that defines you in true sense and don’t try something you not have done earlier.

Stay relaxed and let the hair loosen up

On the big day, many brides make the mistake of neither feeling relaxed nor letting their hair loosen up. They get their hair done too early in the day which is not suggested. They also keep it pulled back too tightly and both these cases should avoided. Rather, let the hair loosen up and let the surprise element kept out of sight for longer. Plus, there is also the risk of having a hurting scalp or headache if the hair style is kept for too long and from too early in the day.


These hair care tips help you to get ready for the special day. You can also consult with an expert barber nearby you which hair cut or hair color match on your face type.

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