Groom’s Guide: Essential Things to Do Before Buying Your Attire

Here’s a checklist for every groom in the process of choosing what to wear for his wedding.

So, you found the person you want to spend the rest of your life with. You’ve mustered the courage to pop the question. And, fortunately, she said yes. While you still can’t wrap your head around why she agreed to partner up with you for the long haul, it’s a done deal. Now, you must set aside second-guessing and take on the business at hand. Yes, that’s wedding preparation.

While your partner will likely be in control for the most of your wedding preparations, there’s one aspect of the event where it’s OK to get your voice heard. We’re talking about what you would be wearing. 

You do not want to look lousy in your wedding pictures, after all. As much as you probably want your partner to be the highlight of that special day, keep in mind that you’re in it together. You’re a couple, and you must look great next to each other, complement one another.

To help you shop for your groom suit, here’s a list of essential things to do. 

Consider your budget

Here we’re operating under the assumption that you’re not Bill Gates’ son, and therefore, you’re working on a budget. It’s essential to be realistic and manage your finances better than you usually do. The last thing you want to happen is to begin a marriage in debt. 

Your budget will determine your options. Will your savings allow bespoke wedding fashion, or are you better off scrolling through Amazon’s inventory of wedding attires? Is it more practical to buy or rent?

Buying means you’ll get to add something fancy to your closet to wear to future events where lumberjack fashion isn’t welcome. That makes a suit that will set you back a few hundred dollars in investment. The same could not be said for an expensive tuxedo that you probably won’t be able to use again unless you received a Nobel Prize. 

Or you can look into less popular routes. For example, why not borrow what your dad wore to his wedding? Brides do it all the time, wearing dresses their moms or grandmas wore. There’s no reason why grooms can’t follow suit. 

Shop around for styles

Thought should go into your wedding outfit. Your wedding is not one of those events where you can afford to rummage in the closet for something to wear a couple of hours before leaving the house. Exert a little more effort—that is what we’re trying to say.

Your outfit will depend on your personality and what you and your partner agree on. You can get as casual as with a white-collar shirt matched with brown chino pants if that’s your vibe. Just make sure you pick the best ensemble you could buy.

If you wish to get a little fancier than the usual, two styles remain the go-to options for grooms: suit or tux. Suits are on the more casual end of the formal-wear spectrum. They’re versatile and trendy. You can accentuate yours with a colored shirt or a quirky bow tie, for example. 

Meanwhile, if you’re gunning for the classic look, you can’t go wrong with a tux. Now, if you’re the kind of guy whose closet consists mainly of plaids and flannels, you’re probably confused by now. What’s the difference between a suit and a tux? Put simply, the latter has satin details on the lapels and buttons. Plus, you wear them with a suspender, not a belt.

Choose a color

Here you have two options. Keep it lowkey with black. Or make your wedding fashion psychedelic with pops of bright colors. The former suits couples who value tradition and timelessness. The latter’s for couples who don’t mind going out of the box and attracting attention. 

If you’re a little indecisive, you can always get the best of both worlds. For example, you, the groom, can wear a black suit while your entourage don all the colors from the rainbow. Alternatively, you can wear color and stand out while your entourage fades in the background with black or grey, as they should. 

Assemble accessories

Even if you choose to wear something as casual as a beach attire, you can take your wedding fashion up a notch by accessorizing. Think vintage watch. That will effortlessly make you look cooler and fancier. 

If you wear a suit or a tux, you may accessorize with dress shirts, vests, cummerbunds, suspenders, belts, pocket squares, cufflinks, ties, and socks. 

Consult with your partner

This is probably the most essential item on this list. You can go through the aforementioned pieces of advice all you can, but if you miss this part, consider those nulled. Although you will be the one wearing the outfit, your partner’s input matters. Remember, you will be next to each other throughout the wedding. You’re basically a single entity. You can’t look like you’re going in opposite directions. 

In Closing

Your wedding day is one of the highlights of your life. God forbid it does not have to happen again. That is unless you and your partner are renewing vows. With that said, try not to cut corners. Go all out.  

For your wedding look, for instance, be as dapper as you can be. Remind your partner why you’re a catch. See all your guests nod in agreement.

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