Helpful Tips for Choosing the Best Wedding Guest Attire

Wedding season is upon us, and it’s time to break out your best guest attire. Explore a few tips for choosing the perfect outfit for weddings this season.

If you’ve ever been to a wedding, you know just how important it is to ensure you dress appropriately for the occasion. However, the definition of appropriate may change for each individual wedding. At this point, you probably have several dates saved in your calendar to support friends and family in starting their new love stories. While there’s nothing wrong with wearing the same dress or outfit to every wedding this year, you probably don’t want to do so. Check out a few helpful tips for choosing the best wedding guest attire.

Follow the Dress Code

In many cases, the couple will provide a desired dress code on the invitation if it’s a big concern for them. For instance, they might specify formal, semi-formal, a specific color palette, etc. If the couple sets a specific dress code for their wedding, it’s your duty as a guest to follow their wishes. Don’t go if you can’t respect their requests, even for something as small as the dress code.

Don’t Ask the Bride

Even if you want to be completely sure that your outfit is suitable for the wedding, avoid asking the bride. She already has so much on her plate, and asking additional, unnecessary questions will only stress her out more. Unless she’s your sibling or another extremely close relationship to you, don’t consult the bride about your outfit. After all, this day is about her, not you—ask other guests instead.

Avoid Wearing Wedding Colors

Wearing wedding colors isn’t necessarily bad, but you should avoid wearing the same shade as the bridesmaids. Although you might not know what the specific shades and colors are, the invitation usually gives you a few clues. If you’re totally unsure, consider asking a member of the bridal party or other guests who may have more insight into the event.

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Be Modest and Respectful

You probably want to look fabulous and stylish for the wedding, but you should keep it modest. That said, standards can change depending on the event and couple. For instance, rompers and short dresses might be okay for some weddings but not others. Knowing if you can wear a romper to a wedding is helpful when deciding on your outfit.

With a few helpful tips for choosing the best wedding guest attire, you can choose your ensembles with ease and focus on being the best guest, including with your gift. Knowing the pros and cons of gifting money for weddings can help you determine what’s a suitable gift for the couple. You might have several weddings on the docket this year, but deciding what to wear doesn’t have to be a huge concern—don’t overthink it.

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