Helping Your Groom Look Great


You’ve picked out the perfect dresses for you and your bridesmaids, and you’re confident you’ll all look great on the big day, but what about your groom? Is he the type who’s fashionable and takes pride in his appearance, or is he so easy going that you can see him walking down the aisle with bed hair and a band t-shirt on? If it’s the latter, you might want to give you groom a helping hand and ensure that he looks as handsome as you know he can on the big day.

Here are some great tips to ensure your groom is well groomed when you meet him at the bottom of the aisle:

The Suit

You’re his fiancé, not his mother, so you don’t want to interfere too much in what he wears, but there is nothing wrong with checking out a few suits to show him. Now that you can buy mens suits online, you can quickly find and print out a few candidates for him. But, try to think about what he would like as well as what you would like and choose a wide range of options for him to look at.

When he has set his sights on a particular suit, make sure that he gets his measurements taken accurately to avoid any last minute fashion mishaps.

The Hair

When your groom is walking down the aisle towards you, you want to be blown away by your beau – you don’t want to be looking at his hair in horror! Although the groom’s hair will require much less attention than the brides, it is still important. So, about a week before the wedding, book him in for a trim and tidy up to ensure he looks the part. You don’t want to do anything riskier than that so close to the wedding, or you risk some really dodgy photos of the day!

The Nails

Okay, so in the great scheme of things, the groom’s hands aren’t going to be particularly important on the big day, but you will be placing a ring on his ginger and chances are you’ll want to get your rings in some of your wedding snaps, so why not treat yourselves to a couple’s manicure a few days before the main event? A simple soak, trim and buff will give him that polished look and his hands will feel so soft when he takes yours as you say I do.

The Skin

There’s no hiding from your skin, well unless you wear an all over bodysuit and balaclava, and there aren’t many grooms, or brides for that matter, who’d be up for that, so if you want your groom to look great at the church, out him on a souped-up skincare regimen a couple of months before the wedding.

All he needs to do is cleanse, tone and moisturize daily, and use a good exfoliator at least three times a week, providing he does not have very sensitive skin. He can even use your products if you’re happy to share and you think he’s more likely to get onboard if you do it on the down-low.

Other than that, as long as he keeps on top of his shaving routine,  and deals with any last minute breakouts sensibly, using ice, toothpaste or steam instead of picking and scratching at them, he’ll be as handsome as he’s ever been when he comes walking down that aisle.

The Scent

Do you have a favorite cologne, that when you smell it on your man reminds you of all the great times you’ve had in the past? Perhaps he wore it on your first date or the day he proposed to you? If so, make sure he has a bottle ready to wear on the wedding day. Not only will he smell amazing when you come together to cement your relationship, but the reassuring scent will help to claim both your nerves as you make your way through the most momentous day of your lives thus far.

On the Big Day

When the big day arrives, if you’re playing it traditional, you probably won’t be seeing your hubby to be, but you can leave him a gift. Send him a box of all his favorite grooming products, making sure to include a powerful electric razor, which will give him the closest shave ever, and hair products that will tame his tresses. That way, he’ll remember to be scrupulous about his grooming regime when it matters most.

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