Here Comes The Bride…And The Guests!

There’s nothing worse than walking down the aisle with some late guests trailing behind you. For one thing, it means they won’t get a good view of you walking in your beautiful dress. And it can cause a lot of noise when they are rushing to find seats as the ceremony begins. It’s often down to guests not being able to locate the destination, or not being able to sort transport, so they end up late. Therefore, here are some ways you can make sure your guests do turn up on time!

Give them good maps to find the destination

While people living in the destination will easily be able to find the place where you are holding your ceremony, it might not be so easy for people who live further afield. After all, they might have been to the destination before. So it’s easy for them to get lost while hunting down the venue. And then they might end up walking in late during the ceremony! Therefore, it’s always a good idea to put a map with the invite. Make sure it explains exactly how to get to the destination. And show them alternate routes just in case the main route is blocked. It’s also worth giving them the full address including zip code so they can put it on their sat nav. That way, there is no excuse for lateness.


Arrange transport for them all

It’s difficult for guests who don’t drive to get to your wedding, especially when you might hold the ceremony somewhere remote. After all, the most picturesque places tend to be in the middle of nowhere! And due to them struggling to get to the location, they are bound to be late. However, you might want to arrange some form of transportation which will ensure guests arrive promptly And then they won’t miss any of the ceremony! It might be the case you opt to hire a bus from companies like Phoenix Charter Bus Company. That way, all your guests can get to the ceremony and then onto the reception venue after the event without being late. Just make sure you pick one which is big enough for all your guests. After all, if you have made the decision of inviting a lot of people, you need to ensure they all can get to your wedding on time!

Write an earlier time on the invites

It might be a bit cheeky, but if you want to make sure guests arrive on time, it would be a good idea to write a slightly earlier time on the invites. After all, if they think the ceremony is earlier, they will rush to make sure they get there before the bride arrives. And then if they are late, they are actually not going to miss any of the ceremony. After all, it will be starting a little bit later. And guests always expect the bride to be late! So you don’t have to worry about it beginning later than planned! But you can be assured everyone will be in their seats when you make the grand entrance.

And you might want to set up an app or site for your wedding. That way, you can give them updates to remind them to set off on time!

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