Here Comes The Bride: Looking Beautiful On Your Big Day

Your wedding day is a huge deal, and so it’s no wonder that brides want to look their very best. You’re surrounded by both yours and your partners family and friends, the pictures will be displayed proudly in your home and chances are you’ll want to look fantastic to wow the groom too! If you’re not currently where you want to be regarding your appearance, it might take a while to get to where you’re happy so planning ahead is important. Here are some things to consider so you look gorgeous on your big day.


Many brides decide to lose weight or at least tone up before the big day. You could clean up your diet and hit the gym, hire a personal trainer or attend a bridal boot camp. If you plan on losing a fair amount of weight, be aware that healthy weight loss is just one to pounds a week. So you will need to plan ahead and leave enough time to do this properly. Crash dieting is a bad idea, not only is this unhealthy but you put yourself at a huge risk of gaining it all back again plus more. Since most wedding dresses show the arms and shoulders, you could particularly work on getting these areas toned, so you feel confident on the big day


Want gorgeous shiny and silky hair on your wedding day? In the run-up, make sure to take excellent care of it. Ditch the home box dyes which are damaging, and visit the hairdresser instead. Regular trims and weekly deep conditioning treatments will quickly bring it up to scratch. Don’t have a drastic change of length or color close to the big day, if you hate it might be difficult to put right and cause you stress that you really don’t need.


A smooth, glowing complexion will give you the best base for your bridal makeup. Create a skincare routine and stick with it, making sure your skin is protected and hydrated each day. You could visit a spa and have a treatment such as a chemical skin peel, microdermabrasion or laser treatments to improve your complexion. Sites like have more information on this. At the very least, a facial to diagnose your skin type means you can choose the right products to look after it.


Your wedding day is a happy day, and chances are you’ll spend most of it grinning ear to ear. So a beautiful set of pearly whites is your perfect accessory! If you need more complex work doing, get this all booked in in advance of your wedding day. Otherwise, whitening treatments can be used in the few weeks beforehand. Trays from the dentist usually take around six weeks for the full effect. Laser teeth whitening can be done in a couple of hours so great for a last minute boost to your smile!

Are you working on your appearance for your big day?

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    such nice preps for the big day, everything has to be perfect, so true <3

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