High Expectations: The Most Common Mistakes to Avoid on Your Honeymoon

Among couples who choose a traditional wedding, ninety-nine percent of them will also go on a honeymoon. It’s not so strange, after all, as it’s supposed to be your first big trip away together – before your normal life as a husband and wife can finally start. Going on a honeymoon is a salute to romance, a way to celebrate each other, and to prolong that magical feeling of having married the love of your life.

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The only thing is that it’s not like that anymore; many newly-weds today have lived together for years already and had many trips overseas before they go on an actual honeymoon.

Needless to say, the trip isn’t always magical – in fact, some happy couples have a few words of wisdom to share with husbands and wives to-be, to make sure you avoid the most common mistakes on your big adventure.

Not planning ahead

Surprisingly, one of the most common mistakes couples make is waiting too long with planning their honeymoon. If you want to reserve your dream spot in the city you always wanted to go to, you need to plan ahead; about six months is, in fact, the minimum amount of time you should give yourself before it has to be booked.

You could make a scoop on some destinations, though, if you wait until the last minute. It’s the typical rush to fill all those seats and book out all the spare rooms, so if you really dread planning ahead and find nothing more romantic than a spontaneous getaway, sure, wait a bit longer and hope for the best. You can have a look at kayak.com, for example, to check out the top trending destinations of 2017.

In reality, it’s always better to book at least half a year up front and not risk missing out on your dream destination.

Thinking everything will be perfect

Have you ever had anyone in your family who always seems to ruin a big occasion? Everyone is excited, all the plans have been made, and the day has been smooth so far – and then, like clockwork, something goes wrong, and the drama begins.

This kind of people are found everywhere and they struggle with the same thing; having too high expectations and an inability to take the focus away from themselves. It’s a common sign that we’ve been over-thinking an occasion and expect it to be more than it is.

Some couples are surprised that they snapped at each other during their honeymoon, and might even start to wonder if something is wrong with them. The truth is, with honeymoons and holidays in general, the situation can be stressful, and a small argument shouldn’t be enough to throw everything overboard.

Give each other a break and allow for small arguments to happen – and pass. A foreign country, strange food, and a lack of your regular routines can be enough to make anyone a bit irritated from time to time. And it doesn’t matter if it is your honeymoon, Christmas Eve or your anniversary; don’t let the small things ruin your big day.

Splurging the first couple of days

Splurging might have something to do with the fact that we think everything has to be perfect on our honeymoon and we’re not afraid to pull out our wallet to prove it. If you have the budget to go all out, by all means; spend as much as you’d like to. If your budget is limited, on the other hand, it might be a good idea to wait with the big spending until you’re in the middle of your trip.

They say that we tend to remember the peak of our adventure as well as the end of it – don’t spend everything in the beginning and lounge around for the rest of your honeymoon with nothing to do. Planning your trip in a bit more detail could be a good idea, and try to find ways to enjoy your time for less – at least in the beginning. Have a look at DontPayFull.com and check out the spa discounts they offer, for example.

You can find so many great offers online, so there are no excuses for not saving the big spending until the end.

If you manage to avoid these common mistakes, you’ve done a lot better than may newly-weds already. We expect so much of each other with big trips like these, yet the best moments are usually found when you’re both relaxed and unassuming. Enjoy your time off, pamper each other, and start to look forward to the lifetime of Wednesday mornings and weeknight dinners you’re going to enjoy together.

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    Ela - themomentsbyela.pl

    For those who are planning everything, it is best to plan and order a trip to the honeymoon earlier, but such troubled spirits as I do everything spontaneously and at the last moment. My honeymoon was over the Polish sea. The weather and mood was great, there were also many walks along the seafront. What more could you want.


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