Hiring a Professional DJ for your Wedding – Why is it Important?

The biggest day of your life is your wedding day! You save for it, plan for it, and try your best to make it memorable for your partner, your guests, and for yourself. Weddings can be expensive and you obviously try to cut down your expenses to stay within your budget. But are you thinking of not hiring a professional DJ? You might save money but you’ll lose control of your wedding day.

Here are some reasons why you should hire a professional DJ for your wedding whether it be in Paris or any other country around the world.

Ceremony Expert

Professional DJs are ceremony experts. Based in France and located in Paris AVDJ Paris is more than a simple DJ who plays music for your wedding. They bring entertainment to the party and serve as the host of your reception. They know when to give moments to speak when to set a romantic mood when to set the dance floor etc. You don’t want an amateur person to take control of your event, right?

Enjoy your Day

You can depend on a professional DJ for your event. The friend you asked to bring the sound system might forget to bring it! A professional DJ takes all your worries and let you enjoy your time with your loved ones. You will have plenty of other things to worry about on your big day so don’t increase your anxiety by not hiring a DJ.


Professional DJs take hold of your party. They make announcements, focus on the entrance of the bride and groom, cake cutting, toasts, and dancing, etc. They make sure that the playlist flows naturally with the ambiance and the guests.

Read the Crowd

A good playlist made by your friends might not be enough for wedding guests comprising of different age groups. A professional DJ reads the mood of your wedding guests and plays the music accordingly to entertain them.


Having the right equipment might be more important than playing the right songs. A professional sound system makes the music audible and bearable. If you can’t hear the music properly, how would you enjoy the dancing and wedding? They have microphones for toast and all accessories and equipment to match the venue of your wedding day whether it be a restaurant, a ballroom, or a destination wedding in Paris.

Entertain the Requests

Amateur DJs or a friend doing it for free don’t adhere to honor the guests and entertain their requests. They usually play music of their choice. While a professional DJ accept song requests and makes your choice and happiness their first priority. They don’t impose their playlist on you!

Create Memories

The biggest reason you should have a DJ at your wedding is to create memories. It is a two-way investment. Hiring a DJ is an investment in your entertainment and memories. A professional DJ knows that doing their job right is an investment to their business and their future and thus they try to meet and exceed your expectations.

So, if you are having second thoughts to hire a DJ for your wedding in Paris or anywhere, do it now and enjoy your wedding day!

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