Home decor for newlyweds

home decor for newlyweds

Romantic interior for newlyweds

Graceful shapes, soft colors, joie de vivre and a warm atmosphere is the perfect home decor for newlyweds. The romantic style is a popular living style for good reason. Romance is about freedom and creativity. As a result, a romantic interior also leaves a lot of room for your own imagination. You can create the romantic style yourself from the basics and therefore also mix it beautifully with other styles. You can read exactly how to approach this for newlywed couples in this article. We also reveal the must-haves for a romantic touch.

Characteristics of the romantic style

Romanticism as a movement was a reaction to objective and social thinking at the end of the 18th century. Living according to the romantic style was based on emotion, intuition, feeling and a nostalgic longing for the past. It was allowed to dream! And what better place to do this than in a rural atmosphere? Nature was more important than the latest developments and life in the countryside was preferred. And that is exactly what we now see in the romantic style for the home.

home decor for newlyweds

Materials for a romantic interior style

Soft and smooth, those are romantic materials in a nutshell. Velvet, wool, satin, fur, linen and a feather here and there. Sturdier materials that suit this style are wood, brass and marble or natural stone. You place smoother than smooth tableware on the table and a wicker basket works well as storage.

Living in a romantic atmosphere fits well with the country style. While romanticism as a movement was based on life in nature, an interior according to the romantic style is also based on life in the countryside or in the forest. It is the style that we mainly find in a large farm or spacious country house.

Houses with high ceilings. wooden beams, large spaces, cozy kitchens and a large garden fit that picture perfectly. Yet you can apply a romantic style to any interior. Curious how? Then read on quickly.

Colors in a romantic interior

In a romantic interior, romantic colors are mainly used, how could it be otherwise? But what exactly are romantic colors? Romantic colors are for example:

Neutral colors

Sand colors








Pastel shades

A touch of gold can also be beautiful in a romantic interior.

Romantic living style in the kitchen

A romantic interior is subtly visible in the kitchen. Here you can easily get a cool edge with rough tiles and a structured wall. A brushed brass faucet (or even countertop, as above) gives a chic shine without being too present. For accessories in a romantic kitchen, think of marble serving boards, wooden bowls and sturdy ceramics.

Romantic living style in the bedroom

The room of romance! In the bedroom, the romantic living style comes into its own through the use of soothing tones such as beige, white, light pink and terra. More is more is the motto here. Don’t go for one duvet, but separate your 4-season duvet and give both layers their own duvet cover. This way you can play with color and create an interesting whole. A velvet, cotton or wool plaid should of course not be missing and there should also be an abundance of decorative cushions.

Go for gold and metal accessories to add strength. What this living style lends itself to more than any other style is a four-poster bed. With thin linen cloths that sway gently when the windows are open, it is more romantic than romantic here.

newlywed interior, home decor for newlyweds

Romantic furniture

Organically shaped sofas, slender chairs, beds with high headboards and wooden tables are furniture that fit beautifully with a romantic living style. The large furniture usually does not demand all the attention, the accessories do. When it is round and slender and has a light color, it fits in a romantic interior. For example, this makes the interior classic ‘the gray sofa’ an ideal romantic piece of furniture.

Romantic wallpaper home decor for newlyweds

Wall-to-wall images of nature mean instant romance. Whether it is mural wallpaper, as below or an enlarged botanical illustration. Should we just stay inside today?

Romantic accessories

The romantic decor flourishes when home accessories are added. A thick rug, interesting decorative cushion or antique photo frame, romantic home accessories create the style. A house in this style cannot do without a few frills. Of course, you don’t have to do it from head to toe, but a bunch of dried flowers in an elegant vase does wonders for this interior. A good place to buy romantic accessories is an antique store or the auction.

Romantic lighting

Chandeliers are of course ideally romantic lighting. Should these be made of crystal? No. A chandelier made of wooden beads or wicker also looks fantastic. This even creates a slightly less ‘look at me’ feeling. Also beautiful in this living style? (Mirror) glass balls or lanterns. These transparent lamps, in look or material, give the romantic living style its airy joie de vivre.

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