Honeymoon Gifts for your New Spouse

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It’s a growing trend for the newlywed couple to pick a bedroom toy for the honeymoon. The wedding night is for tender love, to consummate the marriage in a romantic way, and the honeymoon is a time to celebrate being alone together enveloped in your new union. It’s also a time for the wildest sex of your life.

Do we dare say? There aren’t too many wedding magazines that will divulge into the explosive sex like the 4th of July fireworks spectacular, and it’s a shame because this is the time that you feel the most connected, the most passionate and the most in love. It’s the best time to explore your sexuality together and embrace your nakedness. What better way to do that then with some erotic toys? Here’s a few ideas on what to shop for for the big honeymoon vacation. All these naughty toys are available here.


  1. Vibrating or Non-Vibrating


Can you feel the buzz? Many toys vibrate but it’s not always a requirement for good sex. Would you like your toy to vibrate? Vibration adds more intensity to the experience, the internal tingling increases sexual response. If you’re unsure, try a vibrating toy because if you don’t like the vibration, simply leave the motor off during use. You may notice the motor deeply embedded inside the shaft. Often the motor is inside the tip which adds deep vibration into your body, but you may also notice a firm lump inside the material. If you want a purely realistic experience (since a living human man doesn’t vibrate anyway) the non-vibrating toy may be your best choice.

  1. Toys with a built-in Handle.


Some penis shaped toys have balls and a suction cup at the bottom and others are straight. It’s not just for visual appeal, there are reasons for this build. Having testicles on a dildo enhances the realistic visual appeal by better imitating a real man’s erection. The balls also make an excellent handle. Looks aside, this is our favorite reason to buy a dildo with balls. When you’re laying down, a straight shaft can be awkward to hold yourself. If you have testicles on the bottom, let them rest in the palm of your hand providing a better ergonomic position for self pleasure. A straight dildo is easier to discreetly store since they don’t take up as much space as a dildo with balls. This style of dildo won’t take up too much room in your sex toy box and can accompany you on vacation neatly tucked inside your suitcase!


  1. Soft or Firm


Some toys are squishy soft, others are form & rubbery. A soft dildo offers superior comfort, but can’t handle vigorous action. It’s best for slow, sensual loving and perfect for ladies who find intercourse painful. These delicate shafts conform to the body’s shape making insertion easy. A firm dildo will become very slippery when wet. They are perfect for fast thrusting. If you like fast sex, the rubbery dildo is your perfect choice. Make sure to use plenty of lube and enjoy the glide!


  1. Non Realistic Options


Not everyone wants to use a phallic vibrator. If you’re hesitant, then try a more subtle model that’s just straight up & down without any phallic representation.  Not only does this vibrator lack any penile representation, it rubs the g-spot too. We consider this vibrator a perfect choice for women because the natural curve immediately rubs the g-spot during penetration. It’s easy and does all the “work” for you! The vibration originates inside the head and if you’ve never had a G-spot orgasm before, you’re really in for a treat! Not all vibrators are curved however, some are straight like the slimline vibe, probably the most discreet vibrator of them all, and in our opinion, a wonderful place to start!


  1. Tiny Toys for the Tiny Button


In addition to the full size toys, pick up one of the tiny toys for the clitoris too. We also suggest non-insertable vibrators, tiny toys made for clitoral stimulation. The bullet vibrator and wand vibrator are popular choices because they are very discreet. Press it over the clitoris and enjoy a wonderful orgasm. These small vibrators work quickly too, try using one during sexual intercourse. It’s easy to the woman to time her climax with the partner with the added boost of clitoral vibration!

These small toys are great for couples, commonly used during foreplay to increase her libido. If a lady has vaginal dryness, a vibrating toy pressed on the clitoris encourages natural vaginal lubrication making intercourse more comfortable.

Author bio: Danielle Denzel is the owner of The Adult Toy Shop. She has over a decade of experience working in the adult toy industry and writes articles helping women, men & couples explore sexuality and improve sexual enjoyment. She believes sex toys are an important accessory for improving satisfaction and encourages playfulness in the bedroom, after all, they are called sex “toys” for a reason!


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