Honeymoon Planning Tips: Your Checklist for An Unforgettable Experience In 2023! 

Planning your honeymoon can be the most amazing and the most stressful event in your wedding timeline. There are over 195 countries to explore and a thousand different activities to do. How do you shortlist only a few to adjust in your week-long, or at best, month-long honeymoon?

Well, this guide will provide you with all the answers you need. Browse through and plan your trip the best way possible.

Seek the Best Currency Conversions

2022 witnessed the biggest inflation in 40 years. There’s been inflation of about 9.1 percent, especially in consumer prices. Naturally, it has pulled a lot of our dreams and goals out of our reach.

Does that mean you should compromise on your honeymoon and once-in-a-lifetime journey? No, absolutely not.

Instead, opt for the smarter route. Shortlist the countries that are cheaper than yours and offer you a good currency conversion rate. For example, if you live in the USA, you can choose to go to Bali. One USD is equivalent to 15,148 Indonesian Rupiah. Similarly, if you live in Indonesia, you can choose to go to Iran.

Now, note that it’s not all about currency conversion. You also have to check out whether the country has a good experience to offer you two. We’ll cover more of that below.

Book the Resort with the Best Social Media Presence

If you wish to have the best honeymoon in 2023, you’ve to understand the power of social media. If a honeymoon resort or hotel actively maintains its social media presence, it gives you a lot of ideas about the experience you’re going to have before you entrust them with your money.

And if they’re willing to give you an idea of what you’re going to experience, they’re probably authentic, reliable, and worth trying. You also have to be mindful of their online reputation. It takes a lot to maintain a positive online reputation, especially in today’s time. If no one’s got a bad thing to say about them, it’s probably not very popular (which means it’s not worth trying). Or it means it really is a good place.

There’s a high chance you’ll have an Instagram-worthy aesthetic ambiance on social media-friendly resorts as well. The point is the better the social media presence, the more of an unforgettable experience you can expect.

Opt for Less Popular but Aesthetic Honeymoon Destinations

Now, we’ve asked you to pick out resorts in a place that offers a better currency conversion rate and has a good social media presence. Here’s the tricky part to ensure that any place with those two attributes is worth your money and definitely delivers the experience you expect: ensure that it’s not a go-to for everyone.

If it is, it’ll likely be expensive or crowded for most seasons. Some of the most underrated aesthetic and worth-trying honeymoon places are as follows:

  • Kerala, India
  • Phi Phi Islands, Thailand
  • Lake Louise, Canada
  • Biarritz, France

You can explore more of such honeymoon destinations and pick one that fits your and your partner’s likes.

Schedule Your Activities

Here’s the tip that most couples forget about while their extensive honeymoon planning. And it really messes up all the hard work.

Never leave your day-to-day activities on will. You cannot go there and decide what to do. You’ll be too caught up in your newly-tied bond and the refreshing air of new land to make wise calculated decisions. So, plan your day-to-day activities on the honeymoon before you board the plane. Make bookings, arrange cabs, and explore possible activities. Do whatever need be, but plan it out thoroughly and neatly.

Final Words

Note that tips 1-3 focus on optimizing your honeymoon plans as per the economic and cultural trends of 2023. If you’re looking to plan your trip such that you eliminate the impact of external factors, ensure that you act on tips one, two, and three. However, if you want your honeymoon to be free of any internal and external risks and that it’s truly an unforgettable experience, ensure that you implement all four tips. We wish you the best honeymoon experience!

Author Bio:
Xavier James is an experienced content writer and a certified marketing trainer. He works at The Pro Linkers.

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