How a Celebrity Stands Test of Mental Toughness and Shines like Star


Attaining celebrity status

Many people envy the glamour and attention that celebrity stars get from the media, in particular, and public in general.  While all is lost in the glitter and glamour, way to stardom is neither easy nor quick. It is takes toiling and strong determination to become a star. Nevertheless, there are exceptions that some stars become overnight success. No star is immune from scandals and every now and they celebrity stars should undergo intense pressure to stay where they are.  It is their mental strength and pure determination that allows them to carry on and stay focused in their career.

Winner’s curse

Celebrities have to stand a number of tests on their way to ultimate fame and popularity. The most difficult ones are the test of money and time. Some celebrities get so overwhelmed, success get to their head, and with the huge money they lose it quickly. They go off track. The can become drug or alcohol addicts or go onto the everlasting money expenditure ‘trip’. By the time they spend the money, they find out that they are faded from public memory. Unfortunately, for them the best years wasted and it is extremely hard to get back though some still manage to do that. There are many glaring examples in front of us.

Trial of time

The test of time is even harder. Usually celebrities remain stars from the moment they get this status and till their death. The fame of some celebrities goes far beyond, as they become legends. They can be long gone. However, it feels like they are still here with us. That shows how great public fascination with celebrities.

In contrast, there is another kind of celebrities – the fleeting kind. Known as 15 minutes fame, the stars get into lime light for very short period. The history remembers a number of such celebrities. These stars fade away soon after they start shining.

Negative side of popularity

The reasons why some people become popular are not the same for all. It is not always due to talent or outstanding skills. Sometimes it is a scandal, drug abuse, or even a crime that puts people into the focus of public attention making them celebrities for a very short period, indeed, both offline and online media play a huge role in bringing the world’s attention on celebrity gossips and misgivings. Nonetheless, even when one star episode is fading another takes a center stage, though, very few scandals stay center stage for long.

Sex scandals galore

Sex scandal is a great way to win 15 minutes of fame. Many political figures, business magnets, sports champions get into messy sex scandals. If history is the proof, celebrity persons may even suffer financially and emotionally with the kind of intense focus and pressure one gets from the media. The emotional drama could drain celebrities and push them to suicidal tendencies. Celebrity or stardom is double-edged sword. One must be careful to handle the name and fame with maturity. One can fall victim if the pressure to conform and perform is too intense and he or she is mental weak to withstand.

Obviously, crimes, fabrications, setups, for example, are not good ways to reach that magnetic celebrity status. Going down the road of showy yet tasteless actions is not rewarding. Thus, all one can hope for is those morbid 15 minutes. The list of fleeting celebrities is very long. It makes us appreciate those celebrities who managed to stand all the tests and grew into solid stars!  Indeed, celebrities demonstrate the qualities of a tough businessperson or a gritty sports-person that tell us a lot about the toughness of stars!

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