How coronavirus is changing your love life

Whether you have just been together, have been married for years or single: there is a good chance that the corona measures had an influence on your love life. For example, many couples with children are concerned about the intimacy in their relationship, which disappears now that there is little time left for themselves besides working and teaching.

Living together

Living together is a big step in any relationship, but some couples choose to accelerate this process when the corona crisis started. Most people don’t have trouble being alone for some time but the lockdown can be extreme. If you are not allowed to see your friends, have to work from home it can be lonely.

Moments to recharge

All those moments to recharge are gone so for some couples this can be the ultimate relationship test. Normally you go to work, meet your friends and sometimes visit grandpa and grandma, but all those moments to recharge are gone. There is no longer a fixed structure and no room to withdraw. This causes quarrels and irritations more quickly.

Good communication

The solution, as simple as it sounds: good communication. And use your common sense, it helps to express what you need. Do not assume that you know what the other person thinks and feels, even if you have known each other for years. This is called the closeness-communication bias: when people are close, they overestimate the extent to which they think they know what is going on in the other person. Keep asking about that and make room for a good conversation. And listen. If your partner wants to be left alone for a while, do that too.


People without a relationship, sitting at home alone can feel insecure. Some singles now start to realize they weren’t as happy single as they thought. Online dating on sites like Bristol sex site is increasing. Be creative if you are not allowed to see each other. Video calling, but also sexting can be a great solution during the lockdown.

Fast dating society

We lived in a fast dating society, where you could easily reject people online, looking for something better. There was so much choice that you didn’t have to do anything. Now you are forced to choose: is that person you just know nice enough to go for? Do you feel enough for him or her to quarantine together? Do you need someone else to be happy or do you prefer something casual via Now that the world is slowing down, people are confronted with themselves.

Pressure in relationships

How much pressure the corona measures put on a relationship largely depends on how people respond to the circumstances. If one partner is very relaxed while the other is tense, this can lead to irritation. Someone who is more relaxed and accepts the situation as it is can also reassure a more insecure, stressed partner. This can strengthen a relationship. And if you are both anxious, it can create a connection.

Couples without children

Couples without children generally have it a little easier now. They experience less pressure and tension in their relationship. They also have to look for a new balance and a new structure, because they suddenly work from home, for example, but they find it much faster.

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