How do you choose the perfect bridal hairstyle?

bridal hairstyle

A bridal hairstyle can make or break your dream wedding. We have therefore listed the most important tips from the best hair professionals in the industry for you.

Many women will think about the wedding dress in which they want to get married immediately after the proposal. That dress they dreamed about as a child, and which they are sure is the dress A haircut can make or break your look. Don’t let this be a last minute decision, and consider all options until you’re sure of your look, completely matching the picture. Follow these 5 steps to choose a bridal hairstyle that suits you: This is how you appear before the altar with the perfect bridal hairstyle! Still can’t decide? Then take the test and find out which bridal hairstyle suits you best!

Location and time of wedding

It seems obvious, yet it is something that is often forgotten. Every bride has her own personal preferences, but every location and celebration is unique and needs to be taken into account. It is therefore essential to think about what kind of wedding you are celebrating and choose a suitable look for it. If your wedding is held during the day, the style will be very different from an evening wedding. During the day, the look is less dramatic and intense: the hair can be worn semi-loose or completely loose. For an evening wedding, you can updo or braid the hair and the make-up is more intense.

Matching your dress

There are large bridal fashion companies with their own studios, general collections and small boutiques. And just like the dress, there is a wide range of make-up and hairstyles. Go for a balance between the dress and the details, the accessories, and your other look. If your dress is very eye-catching, go for a simple hairstyle, such as a bun or an updo. If you have a low-key dress, you can further style the look with a half-up, loose hair, or a loose braid. The make-up can be more striking with, for example, earth colors that make your look more intense.

bridal hairstyle
Bridal hairstyle ideas

The most famous bridal hairstyle ideas

The hairstyle is a fundamental part of our appearance. We can style our hair however we like, to match the latest fashion, or however we feel most comfortable, to suit our character. There are several hairstyles that you can rock the wedding with:

Loose: A classic that is not usually used for special occasions. Yet we see this hairstyle coming back much more often lately, especially at bohemian weddings.

Fixed or bun: The low bun or updo are the Rolls Roys of wedding hairstyles. Elegant and perfect to emphasize the face. This hairstyle is also perfect with a strapless dress or off shoulder dresses. A dress with an open back also looks great with her hair up.

Half up: Half up hair such as braids or tails are completely upcoming and original and therefore a great option for brides who like to keep up with fashion. Very versatile and suitable for any kind of dress.


Consider your face shape

The make-up that best suits your face depends very much on the shape of the face. Discover which make-up suits your face shape best!

If your face has an oval shape, you’re in luck. An oval face is considered to be the perfect face since all makeup is on this shape. You can therefore go for different types. Emphasize your natural beauty and shape your face. Highlight the cheekbones and the nose, forehead and chin area. Go for a darker tone on the cheekbones with rouge or bronzing powder. You can choose any color for your lips.

If your face is triangular, with a broad forehead and jaw, and a pointed chin, the best way to soften the hard angles is to play with shadows and highlights. Apply darker makeup to the widest part of your face and light colors for the rest. Use the blush in smoothing strokes to achieve a softer expression.

If your face is square, you have a fairly wide jaw and forehead. The aim is to soften the face and soften the most pronounced areas. The eyes are made up with light make-up and the angular parts of your face can be highlighted with a matte powder. Don’t forget the blusher

A long face is characterized by a sharp chin. Try adding width visually with bicolor base colors. Rouge is best applied horizontally. Have eye-catching eyes and lips. This will make your face appear wider.

A good preparation

Take into account the length of your hair, your hair type, your character, the season and basically everything! All possible preparations are the least you can do for such an important day. Leave nothing to chance!

Just like when you want a new look and take photos to the hairdresser to show what you mean, this is also recommended during the trial session for your hair and make-up. Invest all the time you need in discovering the different looks and your personal preferences, so that you arrive well prepared for the tasting sessions. Before you get started with a hairstylist, it is important to get some inspiration. Search the internet and see what appeals to you. Show this to your hairstylist so she knows what style you like and you can get the perfect haircut. You will not only find plenty of inspiration every month in the major fashion magazines, but also major bloggers, Instagram and Pinterest are a source of inspiration.

Finally, it is important to properly prepare both your hair and your face for the big day. Go for a treatment to moisturize your hair, and choose a mild peeling and deep cleansing to make your skin glow.

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