How Henna Artists Can Make You Look Amazing On Your Wedding Henna Day

Wedding bells are on, and the day you say “Yes, I want” is not far away. With all the wedding arrangements going on, you may be working day and night to personalize every part of it as you dreamt of. After all, who doesn’t want to look better on their special wedding day? Henna tattoo wedding ceremony gives you an opportunity to turn your dream of a fairytale wedding into reality. It lets you share your story with the world through intricate wedding henna designs.

About Henna

Henna has greater cultural significance in weddings in Asia and parts of African countries. The concept of henna at weddings is now adopted worldwide. As a quick background about henna, it is a flowering plant (botanically known as Lawsonia Inermis) whose leaves tend to have staining properties in addition to medicinal benefits. Once the benefits of henna have been realized, it has been incorporated in several occasions including weddings to remove excess heat from the brides and relax their minds during the occasion.

Thanks to the henna artists who have taken henna art to the next level, it is no longer restricted only to weddings. You can incorporate henna designs to adore the memorable moments of your life. Want to surprise your husband-to-be on your wedding day? You can seek the help of a henna artist and share your love story starting from how you met your husband to the proposal day through mind-boggling wedding henna designs. Brides nowadays are expecting variety and uniqueness in henna designs. Gone are the days when wedding henna designs contain an array of flowers, concentric circles, and curves. Telling stories and re-living the best moments of your life through henna designs is the talk of the town now.

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Who Is A Henna Artist?

A henna artist is a professional henna design expert who is called to apply henna for the bride and her guests during the henna tattoo wedding ceremony. The henna artists have decades of experience creating henna designs suitable for all ethnicities and ages. Let’s learn the role of the henna artists in making you look flattering on your big day:

Educate You On The Latest Henna Trends

Be it a simple henna design with limited coverage and stokes, or classic Arabic designs with edgy bells & paisleys, or designs with personalization’s, a henna artist lets you know the trending wedding henna designs in the world.

Pick Up The Best Designs For You

You are unique and this is the best time to tap into your authentic self with nature’s best designs and celebrate your uniqueness. Since it is your wedding day, you might have dreamt about everything you want on this big day. It’s good if you have saved henna tattoo designs for yourself. If not, the henna artist will suggest designs that make you look beautiful in your skin.

Clears All Your Doubts And Fears

The tight schedules, never-ending wedding preparations and the approaching wedding day can overwhelm you with a range of emotions. Henna is one good way to calm you down from the inside. If you select henna that can potentially harm your body, all your excitement, time, and money go to waste ruining your health & look. A good wedding henna artist will maintain full transparency on the type of henna used, where he has bought the henna, the ingredients used, his level of expertise, his past work, etc. If you feel something is not right, avoid hiring the henna artist. He will carry henna stencils that help him create highly complicated designs within minutes. These stencils can be mixed and matched to obtain unique and iconic designs.

You Get Only Natural Henna

Make sure that the henna artist is using only natural henna. Natural henna is extracted from plants and is free from any kind of chemicals or added preservatives to give the best results in less time. Natural henna has an earthy smell and doesn’t have a longer shelf life. You can store it in a freezer and extend its life up to 3 months. If you get any fragrance other than an earthy smell, or the henna powder claims to have a long shelf life, understand that it contains added chemicals that can be detrimental to your skin. A fresh paste can be prepared at home using natural henna powder. This natural henna is safer than any other henna product with chemicals.

Go for a Henna Trial

It’s always better to know what’s being used in henna, what design you get, or even have a trial beforehand so you don’t end up complaining at the last minute. You can always ask for a trial with the henna artist. A few extra dollars for a henna trial will make you prepared for the wedding day. But, you will understand the artist’s work and speed and whether the henna suits your skin or not. You can enjoy the wedding henna party stress-free on your big day.

Henna Application Time

The speed of making henna art by each artist is unique for each and depends on their skill and the design you want. Bridal henna designs covering forearms up to elbows, and the top of the feet up to ankles may take up to 4-6 hours. Complicated designs may take a further long time. You should ensure that your henna artist gets enough time to create designs without compromising the quality.

Henna For Wedding Guests

In a henna tattoo party, friends, family members, and incoming guests can get henna tattoos along with the bride. Ensure that your henna artist comes prepared for the party with a variety of henna designs for wedding guests.

Henna Aftercare

As much as henna art making, henna aftercare is equally important for bright & long-lasting stains. A true henna artist takes you through all the instructions to protect your henna design for the big day. You are advised to remove henna lumps using a cloth or tissue paper. Moisturizing the hennaed skin with coconut oil will protect your color. Avoid exfoliation, shampooing, or any other harsh activities that can deteriorate your henna stains. Please remember that henna takes 48-72 hours to reach its full-color intensity. So, plan your henna ceremony before the wedding accordingly.

Quick Tips For Your Perfect Wedding Henna Day

  1. Make all the necessary arrangements beforehand to avoid frustration at the last minute.
  2. Get a manicure and pedicure at the right time so your hands and feet are clean and shine brightest on henna.
  3. Keep a check on the wedding henna ceremony budget. It is definitely an important occasion for you. But, there is more yet to come in life. So, save for the future.
  4. When you are planning for a wedding henna ceremony, ensure that you complete the tasks on hand so you can sit still for a few hours while getting henna done. If you are moving a lot or in a hurry, it can spoil the whole henna art.
  5. On a wedding henna ceremony, wearing short sleeves and breathable fabric can make it easy for you and the henna artist to apply the henna design and let you wait for several hours without staining your clothes.

Hope this article helped you in your wedding henna journey. Do share your wedding henna story with us. Thanks for reading!

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