How Long Does It Take For Neelam Stone To Show Its Effect?

Neelam gemstone

The most robust gemstone among all the nine planetary gemstones is the Neelam Stone. The most famous blue sapphire in Hindi is known as Neelam. The stone deposits are found in Burma, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, the U.S., Tanzania, Madagascar, and Australia. This blue gemstone comes from a Sanskrit origin, ‘sauriratna,’ referring to the ‘beloved of Saturn.’ The stone was also associated with the gem-producing island of Saphrine in the Arabian Sea. With divinity and spirituality that add mystical vibes to the stone, it has been valued for its beautiful color. The Ancient Persian lore believed that the stone reflects the sky as they display the same color.

The immemorial depiction of the stone is in the Bible, where the ten commandments given to Moses by the Lord were made of these blue-colored gemstones. The endless appreciation of the Neelam gemstone goes into the mesmerizing color it reflects. The royal blue color represents honesty, royalty, and purity. Apart from the stone’s other significance, the Neelam stone’s astrological benefits are here to be focused on. Most of us might be aware of these benefits, but the prime question often arises in one’s mind. How long would it take for the Indraneel stone to show its effect? This blog explores the same.

Neelam Stone Astrological Impact

The stone is believed to revive the third eye and throat chakra and is associated with the planet Saturn. The stone is associated with converting negative energy into positive energy and adds to the effective Chakra healing. The stone is related to love, loyalty, and relationships and thus helps strengthen the same. The Neelam stone engagement ring thus helps in balancing love and relationships. The wearer is bestowed with wealth, luck, and success. The benefits of Neelam Stone are many, but one might be interested to know the timeframe in which it shows its results.

Timeframe of Neelam Stone showing its results

This blue stone has been referred to as one of the most powerful gemstones. The stone is effective and starts showing its effect in 24 hours. Besides the stone’s energy, the individual’s horoscope reflects the exact timeframe. Thus it is recommended to consult an astrologer first before wearing any gemstone. The people with zodiacs Taurus, Gemini, Virgo, Capricorn, Libra, and Aquarius are advised to wear this blue-colored stone. Individuals with weak Saturn moving to the auspicious house gives beneficial results. If the planet is in the 4th, 5th, 10th, and 11th position in an individual’s horoscope, then the person should wear Neelam Stone consulting the astrologer.

Wearing the right kind of Neelam Stone

To gain maximum benefits, the weight of this blue gemstone should be between 3 to 6 carats. The gemstone should be energized before wearing. The stone must be dipped into milk and gangajal on an auspicious day and time (as suggested by the astrologer). The mantras recited after dipping the stone should be done with caution. The Neelam Ratna is suggested to be worn in gold and panch dhatu. Buying Neelam Stone online needs to be done with precaution as maximum astrological effects are gained if the stone is original. The original Neelam Stone with few or no inclusions is preferred. The stone’s color should be blue with uniform distribution highlighting its beauty.

To conclude, the stone starts showing its effect within 24 hours after wearing it. There might be instances when the gemstone might not show the desired results. If so, the wearer should show a sign of patience and wait for the results. The timeframe may vary as it might take 72 hrs or more in a few cases. This blue stone must be energized before wearing. This process helps to circulate the energy in a positive direction. Removing the stone-studded ring is recommended if the gemstone is affecting you negatively or showing some side effects.

Moreover, the original gemstone has the faster and maximum energy it offers. Navratan, the online gem bazaar, has a vast collection of natural Neelam stones. The Neelam Stone price is by the 4’Cs allowing one to get premium quality stones.

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