How to Avoid Fighting over Remodeling – Survival Guide for Newlyweds


Remodeling a home can be an emotionally stressful experience, putting a strain on even the newlyweds. You surely have been through the headache of choosing new things for your house, then crossing your fingers hoping you have made the right decision. Now imagine you pick something that your partner doesn’t like, which turns your choice into a full-blown migraine.

But, it doesn’t have to be like that.

By nature, remodeling is a messy job for all homeowners which includes negotiations over priorities, money, and style – but that is a good thing! It may seem impossible at the time, but home improvement pros and local contractors say you can keep love alive while turning your home and life upside down. With the right attitudes and tools, your spouse and you can simultaneously strengthen the foundation of your marriage while designing a cohesive blueprint for your home.

Here are a few tips that you and your beloved might consider doing to be sure that your home sweet home stays that way.

Learn to Listen

Appliance choices and room layout will uncover expectations your loved one, and you bring into the marriage. Learn to recognize the hints he or she is dropping during the conversation. For example, if your husband is interested in different models of the oven, that could mean that he wants to engage in cooking.

Pay attention to what your companion has to say and share your ideas. You need to figure out how do you want to live in your home when it is done and how you want to feel in it. The key is to listen to each other and most importantly do not judge any idea your partner reveals! Learn how to minimize the stress during remodeling and avoid conflicts.

Discuss, Talk, Communicate

Miscommunication is one of the primary reasons couples fight and can take many shapes during a remodeling project. With all those jargons flying around, it is easy for your designer or an architect to say one thing and for you to hear another. Before you make any decision always discuss it with your partner and don’t let any other person interfere.

Whether you need help or not, asking for your wife’s or husband’s opinion makes them feel appreciated and needed. Instead, use them to improve your communication and understand your companion better. Don’t throw away his or her ideas just because you didn’t like it when you can use them to help you create your dream home.

NOTE: One major tip every expert offers – don’t forget about pampering yourself during this stressful time. Although your budget may be low, you can scale back without totally giving up the stuff you love, whether a night out with friends or a massage, which will prevent arguments and help relieve stress.

Find the Right Style

When it comes to interior design, there is no objective wrong or right answer, but according to experts different style is a major issue and source of stress. First, you need to understand that both of you have some ideas of what this project will look like. Accept the fact that your plans can be different and that you can’t agree on every little thing.

As new homeowners, you need to browse stores, magazines, and websites to create a clear sense of your favorite designs. Share your suggestions with each other to learn what your spouse like or not. Keep the atmosphere positive, express your opinion without bashing theirs, be curious and point out what details he or she would prefer.

To make your home remodeling more fun, you and your partner can learn painting tips for beginners and paint the house interior yourself. The best part is you will spend more time together while creating beautiful projects. Or you can hire a qualified designer or architect that can help you capture your ideas on paper and visualize your plans.

Money As an Issue

Any home improvement expert will tell you that sometimes there are always unforeseen problems that boost costs, such as water or insect damage that needs repair. Other times, newlyweds start realizing they are overspending and may blame each other for these extras. Some couples are even fighting about the cost of a single item.

But there is always a solution to these problems which includes a less expensive way to take care of your home exterior and interior. For example, don’t hire a professional to clean your roof when you can do it yourself by using the right cleaners. Make sure to check out roof moss removal products reviewed by A Cleaner Choice before purchasing any chemical.

Another solution to this issue is budgeting an extra 20 to 25 percent for the unexpected expenses. That way you will cover all the problems that may occur during your project and avoid fighting with your spouse. Spend your money wisely only on things you need, and don’t hire professionals if you can do something by yourself.

Find Time To Celebrate

As you achieve goals, break out your favorite drinks, champagne or wine. Every goal counts even the small ones. For example, your cabinets just came in – of course, that is the reason to celebrate. After all, you have waited for them, and now they are finally here.

When you look at the things in a most positive way, everything feels better. Small goals are just important as big ones because they are the little pieces of the puzzle. Make sure to find the time to throw a housewarming party. Or if you prefer only a company of your loved one, then sit back, relax and enjoy your success. You deserve it!


There is nothing more important than your spouse and your marriage. You need to think about your priorities and how to make your companion happy and satisfied during the home remodeling. Experts say that a lot of patience and a little compromise pay off in the end!

If you don’t agree on some things, take a deep breath and talk about it with your designer. Sometimes you just need a good cup of coffee, delicious snack or a walk to clear your head. Communicate with each other, and give yourself more relaxation time with your partner. Newlyweds will notice an increased level of joy and happiness with their loved one after the project is completed without arguments.

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