How to balance your chakras before your wedding?


Chakras are internal focus points subject to much speculation and stimulation in ancient rituals. As weddings are very stressful to plan. More and more brides are practicing chakra healing or balancing. Chakras, once an alien term, has caught on quite quickly to balance mind and body. If you feel that you need to be revved back into perfection. Try balancing your chakras as an unbalanced set can be quite stressful:


Use your vivid imagination to visualize a future scenario, while focusing on every single intricate detail. Visualize how you’d act, what you’d wear, and every other thing, in short: scrutinize. This gives you a goal to work towards and hence balances your chakras.


Photo by Eli DeFaria on Unsplash

Bring balance to all areas of life

Try not to fret over one thing constantly and ignore all the rest. If your life is balanced, as in all aspects of it fit perfectly within your frame, you’ll be at peace of mind. Focus on everything but stress over none.

Adopt a daily practice

Chakra balancing is not a single time operation, in fact practicing visualization and creating an overall life balance should be a daily practice. Repetition and persistence are key.


Google a few chants relevant to your chakras (they are not universal) or join a yoga class for this purpose. Repeat these chants to create self-consciousness and stimulate your hidden or hindered abilities with it.

Chakra color meditation

Chakras have specific colors, for instance the root chakra is stimulated by the color red. This color meditation allows our body to unleash the chakras from their shackles.

The idea is to practice these exercises in moderation. Do not overdo them but be consistent, daily practice will certainly help you balance your inner potential and achieve more in life.

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