How To Become An Event Manager Without Any Degree?

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Event planning or event management industry is pretty vast. There are several sub-sectors that form a network of event management. Even personal event management professionals could be as efficient as large corporations. It’s true that becoming an event manager requires specialized management degrees. However, there are still ways to become one without specific educational qualifications. 

Are you an aspiring event manager, although you don’t have any relevant degree

Give this guide a thorough read till the end for kickstarting a successful event managing career. 

Top Tips To Become An Event Manager Without Any Related Degree?

Yes, it’s true you may not hold an event management degree and still can become a successful event manager. Clients these days need experts who can execute their skills effectively, have adaptability, and have good observation abilities. So, a little bit of strategic planning, and you will see yourself in the position of event manager within a few months.

Wanna know how?

Then scroll down and read the points below without further ado. 

1. Do An In-Depth Industry Research

The first step to becoming an event manager without a degree is to gain a comprehensive understanding of the industry. How, why, where, and when things work should be your key focus areas in this regard. 

2. Pick Up Your Speciality Are

Event management is a wide industry consisting of a myriad of sub-niches and micro-niches. Not all managers have strategic know-how of every type of event. Expecting that is also a ridiculous idea. Clients always look for specific skill sets and knowledge for particular event types.

Hence, focus on anyone from the smaller event types like Weddings, events, concerts, festivals, corporate events. The concept of classic Jack of All Trades doesn’t work every time.

3. Create A Professional Online Profile

After learning about the industry and picking up your areas of specialization, it’s time to get ready more professionally. Create a professional profile on job hunting sites like LinkedIn, Indeed, etc. The first thing clients check out before hiring event managers is their online profile. Once you showcase your skill sets and abilities online, nothing can stop you from cracking the job of an event manager.

4. Volunteer The Services

In the event management industry, the primary thing that matters is experience. If you have sound experience, consider that your ticket to your dream job is ready. Since freshers don’t have any experience, they can exhibit their internships or any other similar activities in school/college life. In addition, beginners also can demonstrate their skills in such a way that offering voluntary services to event management companies is possible.

5. Keep Networking And Connecting With Industry Experts Vigorously

Building a professional profile is not sufficient to achieve your dream job – event manager. You have to grow your networks like anything else; don’t make a single mistake about it.

Add the majority of industry leaders in your address book and try reaching out to them. Not all of them will give replies, but the professional relationships will be nurtured amazingly. The more connections you have, the higher your chances are to accomplish your goal.

6. Study Deeply About The Profession

It’s absolutely possible to get into event management without a degree, but still, you need to have a sound knowledge base. This will help you in the long run while expressing your commitment and passion to the clients and employers. The better you understand the event management profession; the more are your chances to get into it.

7. Create A Professional Portfolio

Apart from creating an engaging profile on job sites, focus on creating a highly professional portfolio/CV. This is to demonstrate what you are specifically capable of. You can do some tricks here like post photographs of leaflets, event invitations, brochures, marketing materials, etc. These will help you take out a positive picture of your career journey.

8. Formulate Budgets Efficiently

Lastly, you’ll need to budget carefully if you want to establish your personal event planning firm from the ground up. On the one hand, for less than £500, you can design a website, plan a marketing strategy, and establish a new business.

On the other hand, you must account for living expenditures and operating costs until you begin to make a profit. To prevent failing at the first hurdle, always be rational when it comes to budgeting.

Wrapping It Up

Becoming an event manager without a relevant degree seems to be challenging, although it’s not if you follow the tricks mentioned above. Especially when it comes to event planning, there are a lot of things you need to take care of. However, there is no sure-shot track in an event planning career. But, the above strategies would help you take a good leap on the journey.

I hope the article was helpful in guiding you in your dream of being a professional event manager. So what are you waiting for? Start taking preparations following this guide and apply in the positions. I am sure you will come out with flying colors. Good Luck!

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