How to Break into the Bridal Fashion Business

Starting up in any industry isn’t easy but it can be particularly intimidating when it comes to the fiercely competitive fashion industry. However, the industry is huge and offers a great variety of options to choose from. Bridal fashion, for instance, is an ever-growing branch that can give enthusiastic new designers incredible opportunities for progress and development.

To start, you’ll need an initial capital of as little as $5,000 up to $50,000, and you can easily operate it from your home and develop it online as well. Your products would include bridal fashion and wedding-day attire and you’ll be able to begin part-time focusing on the creative aspect of the business. Your basic concern would be to keep your passion and creative spirit alive and keep up with current bridal trends in order to stay competitive.

Basic requirements

It goes without saying that you need to be talented and have some experience in drawing designs and sewing in order to start your business, but in addition to that, your basic requirementswould include a design drafting table, patterns, sample materials, a sewing machine, material supplier, a smartphone/computer and your business cards.

In order to attract attention, you can start with ads on the local Yellow Pages, in the wedding or society section of your local newspapers and in specialized bridal supplements. You’ll also need to establish a relationship with the local wedding-oriented businesses such as florists, photographers, caterers, country clubs, hotels, bakeries, musicians and jewellers. Make sure you get acquainted with them, leave a great impression and your brochures with all your information. Ask politely for referrals as well.

Getting started

Your client base will consist of couple looking for wedding-day attire or customers seeking bridal-related wedding attire, such as bachelor/bachelorette-themed clothes. To get a good start, make sure you get familiar with the wedding industry. Do your part of the research before you jump in. Bridal industry is unique and there’s a lot you can learn only by being a part of it yourself.

Put yourself out there, attend wedding networking events, connect to people already working in the field, visit wedding/bridal websites and visit bridal expos where you can talk to both future brides and vendors and get valuable insights and information. This will give you a clearer idea of your own bridal fashion concept.

No time like the present

If you’re wondering about the right time to start your business, wonder no more! There’s no time like the present! Despite being hauled as recession-proof, the wedding industry has taken a blow in today’s crumbling economy but if you have a unique and original product, move on it before someone else does!

Fashion industry is always bubbling up with new ideas so don’t wait too long to make your first move. If you can, test out your ideas in front of brides and you’ll get valuable feedback. Take advantage of the information you get while finalizing your designs.

Qualifications and training

The fashion industry is such that you have to be able and ready to play all the roles – fashion design, marketing, sales, sourcing vendors and web developing. It’s ok if you don’t know something as long as you’re willing to learn. You need a clear vision, great leadership skills and lots of determination and creative energy.

A background in marketing and advertising can be helpful, but as experts teaching IED Barcelona’s Master’s Degree in Fashion Management say, innovation in the world of fashion is essential together with strategy planning, project management and the basic principles of business management. The theoretical and practical knowledge you get can greatly help in overcoming the challenges of today’s fashion market and assist you in managing the entire cycle, from the initial product concept to the moment it hits the shelves and ends up in someone’s bag.

Fashion is a very complex system and to be able to manage your business, you’ll need proper knowledge of a variety of tools, develop your critical thinking, learn to act fast and have a great team of people on your side.

The wedding industry is all about innovation and creativity and the response you get is immediate. Take the steps listed here and make sure you protect your assets and ideas as this is a lucrative business. Be bold and don’t be afraid of the competition. It’s perfectly fine to be a small vendor with high-quality designs with your own niche and loyal customers.

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