How to choose a bridesmaid dress

When you walk to the altar as a bride, it is always nice to do this together with a number of loved ones. You can let yourself be given away by your father, brother or uncle who you can hold firmly during your walk to the altar. But isn’t it even nicer to choose a bridesmaid? This can then run out in front of you and scatter rose petals, or hold your veil. But what does your bridesmaid wear during this day?

There are several shops that specialize in wedding wear and bridesmaid dresses. Usually, you will also find a suitable bridesmaid dress here. Nowadays you can also easily order these clothes on It is of course very useful to know the right sizes because you have to provide them.

The dress code

You may have chosen a dress code for the wedding day to match everything with the total picture. Let the bridesmaid lead by example and let her pick a dress that meets this. You can also choose to have the bridesmaid’s clothing match the style of your wedding dress. In this case, you can take the person you have chosen for this role with you when you choose a dress. Some stores even have a department with dresses for bridesmaid dresses online.


You can ask your bridesmaids to all wear the same dress or the same color. But in some cases, this can provoke some discussion. Your bridesmaids do not all like the dress or have no budget to purchase new clothes in the desired color. In this case, you can choose to pay for the clothing yourself, but you can also create simplicity through accessories. For example, have everyone wear the same flowers in their hair or make a belt out of ribbon. It is nice and is also budget-friendly.

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