How to choose a wedding dress that fits your figure

mermaid wedding dress

You can see the wedding dress of your dreams in a magazine but it’s possible that the dress looks different on your figure. You might like a mermaid wedding dress but Ii you want to make a decision based on what fits your figure best. This article will help you do just that!

Accentuate body parts 
No matter what shape you have the number one tip is to accentuate your best parts. Do you have a big bust accentuate that. Do you have long legs make sure to show them. If you have pale skin a snow white dress is probably not the best choice. If you have an amazing waist why not emphasize it! Look for the best dresses on Millybridal UK.

Pear shape 
If you have a pear shaped body a v-shape dress will make your neck and body look a bit longer. You want to make your upper and lower body seem more equal. A mermaid wedding dress can look great on your body.

H type figure
When your shoulders and hips are same sized make sure you don’t use shoulder pads. Choose a dress that emphasis your waist. To bring everything in balance.

mermaid wedding dress

V-type figure
When your shoulder are wider than your hips choose a model that puts most focus on the lower part. A straight model on the top and more details on the skirt. You can choose simple wedding dresses if you prefer.

The hourglass figure
You are lucky you can carry almost any dress possible. You can choose to emphasize any part you want. For example your waist or bust. When you have long legs you can even go for a shorter wedding dress. If you have a nice back you can choose a wedding dress with open back.




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