How to choose a wedding photographer: 5 essential steps

In this blog post we would like to share our professional opinion, based on many conversations with bridal couples. Because how do you choose a wedding photographer that is a right fit? What matters is that you take the time together to see whether the photographer’s work appeals to you.

1. Priorities: what is really important to you?

Step 1 is to determine together what is important to you. It is useful to discuss these together before you spend a lot of time choosing a wedding photographer. Also consider the following questions:

• Do you want an extensive photo shoot or do you want a short photojournalistic report?
• Do you want the photographer to give you guidance or not?
• Do you want the wedding photographer to focus on certain people on your day?
• When will you receive the wedding photos?

2. View the wedding photographer’s website and portfolio

What many bridal couples forget is to look at the website together from start to finish. And not just the portfolio, but also a number of recent blog posts. Sometimes you can also view your own wedding location via the search function.

3. To pose or not to pose

Some wedding photographers have exactly in mind how the photo will turn out and pose you until you look perfect in the photo, while others are a bit more relaxed in their approach. What appeals to you? Wedding Photographer Burlington Ontario – Lilac Studios is an experienced wedding photographer in Ontario.​ They specialize in timeless, real moments and natural wedding photography & videography. They offer a mix of both posing and photojournalistic style.

Roughly speaking, there are two different methods, namely posed and non-posed in the photo.
If you want a perfect photo, posing for a photo may be for you. The photographer takes longer for the photo shoot, but still takes some perfect pictures. They are often very spherical images. In this case, plan plenty of time for photo opportunities and make sure you are on the same page with your intended partner.

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Photojournalistic wedding reportage

Do you want to be photographed in a relaxed way? Then posing for a photo is of course not for you. This means you see the photos as a realistic representation and you don’t have to think about “oh I have to pose now and look in the camera.

Maybe you want a mix of posing and photojournalistic styles. Everything is possible with an experienced wedding photographer. At least if you want to be photographed like this, because some bridal couples consciously choose for a report that is as photojournalistic as possible.

4. The importance of references and reviews

A wedding photographer often has an overview of references online. Here you can read from various bridal couples how they found the collaboration with the photographer. There are also often reviews on Google.

5. The wedding location

Take into account the experience of the wedding photographer. Are they professional and have experience with indoor and outdoor wedding photography? If you have any questions about a website, write them down and bring them with you to the meeting.

Leave a comment below and let us know if you have any other tips to add!

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