How To Choose A Wedding Theme

wedding theme

A wedding theme is a true reflection of your style. It is good to take some time to think of how you want your day to turn out and how you want it remembered.

A wedding theme sets the tone or mood for the ceremony and guides aesthetic decisions made from the beginning to the end. There are different themes to choose from depending on the one that portrays a clear representation of yourself.

Here is what to consider when choosing a theme!

Below Are Guidelines That Will Help You To Choose A Wedding Theme!

It can be challenging to choose a theme; therefore, it is essential to discuss with your partner first before settling for anything. It would be best if you both considered the following;

  • Personal style
  • Dress code
  • Season inspiration
  • Venue inspiration

Personal Style

Personal style is more or less about the colors you and your partner like. You need to consider if the color combination you have chosen will blend in well.

You can also get some inspiration from websites online or the appearance of your home. If it looks good, then you can opt for the same color combination.

Dress Code

The dress code of your wedding affects the whole vibe of the day. If the dress code does not match the wedding theme, the entire event feels off.

If you plan to have a glamourous wedding, a casual look that is less floral can make guests feel underdress when compared to the wedding’s aesthetic.

Season Inspiration

The season dictates the theme of a wedding. For example, if your wedding is during autumn, deep burgundy tones and fall foliage compliment the theme. In winter, a white color theme is the best.

Venue Inspiration

The venue can dictate your wedding theme, depending on the location. It is good to work with your budget to get a venue and design it in a theme that complements it.

If you choose to have a casual outdoor wedding, a barn can add a rustic, country vibe theme which is a go-to option in 2021.


You should consider the kind of story you want to tell with the theme, how you want your guests to remember the wedding, how you want to feel as you walk down the aisle before choosing your theme.

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