How to Choose the Best Shapewear for Your Wedding Dress


They say that your wedding is the day you’re supposed to feel most beautiful. We say you’re only as beautiful as your dress. A lot goes into determining how your dress looks and the first thing on this list is shapewear.

Getting the right one can be a task. However, here is a list of basic rules to get you started.

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1.Wear It More than Once

Your wedding day shouldn’t be the first time you try on your shapewear. Even trying it on at the wedding dress store is not enough to tell you whether it’s the right one for you. Wear it on regular days before the wedding. This will help you determine whether it’s comfortable and well fitting.

2. Match It Well

A mistake that most brides make is picking shapewear that matches their skin. While these are the ones that look pretty and realistic on your body, they’re not always the right ones. The last thing any bride needs is someone spotting their shapewear from a distinct because of its brown color in a sea of white.

When choosing colors it’s best to go for shapewear that has the same color as the dress. This ensures that in case of any slips while you’re enjoying your dancing, no one will notice.

3. Which One Comes First?

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Should the wedding dress be bought first before the shapewear or should it be the other way round? It depends on a number of things. If you’re confident that you’ll be choosing a specific dress style then go ahead and buy the shapewear first. This will also give you the advantage of being ready early.

However, this approach may limit your choices very much because each dress requires a specific type of shapewear. You may also see a dress that you like yet the shapewear that you initially picked out isn’t right for it.

4. Get the Right Size

The decision to wear shapewear may be because of a number of reasons. Some women want to get rid of underwear lines, and some want to to have more bust. However, the top reason is most people get shapewear for tummy control.

Shapewear makes it possible to hide cellulite and unwanted bulges here and there. For this reason, it’s easy to decide on a size that’s small so that everything is well hidden. Bad idea. When choosing shapewear always get your body size no matter how curvy you look in the small sizes. Shapewear that doesn’t fit well can cause pain and discomfort and sometimes even leads to server bruising.

If you want to get a small one then getting one size smaller than your normal is the most you should do.

5. Let Your Dress Guide You


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  • Mermaid dresses

Finding shapewear that’s perfect for mermaid dresses is hard. This is because mermaid dresses are well fitting and so the likelihood of people seeing the outline of what you’re wearing underneath is high.

The best thing would be to have sew-in cups added to the dress to eliminate the need for any bra. It also advisable to get a bodysuit that is seamless and is made of the same material as the dress.

  • Ball gowns

The good news with such dresses is that they hardly require shapewear. Even if they do, you can choose from a wide range of options. The primary thing to focus on is getting shapewear that supports the bust well and also shapes the waist perfectly.

  • Plunging necklines

With such dresses, it’s important to focus on how the bust is supported. You need to get shapewear that is also V-shaped and doesn’t expose too much. Always get the one that fits your bust perfectly to avoid any slips and mishaps.

  • Backless dresses

It’s best to get sew in cups added to your dress to eliminate the need for a bra. If you look well, you could also find a brand that has shapewear that is also backless.


Choosing the best shapewear for your wedding dress isn’t a difficult task. For most people, purchasing the shapewear after the dress is the best option. It allows you to find the perfect dress first and then the shapewear just for that dress.

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Laura Cooper is the founder and editor in chief at Top Picks For Her. She likes to try new things for women and then writes reviews that help women make more informed decisions on what to purchase.

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