How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Suit for Your Special Day

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Congratulations on the good news! We know you’re waiting for your big day. Are you worried about what to wear? We all generally are. Look, the decision is not that difficult. If you need the ideas, we’re here to give them to you. You need to look dapper for those special photos and for of course, your guests and yourself. To choose the perfect suit, you must therefore be well equipped with the knowledge of exactly what you want and moreover, what you need. So here are some tips for you. Read on now, thank us later.

  1. Color Is Most Important

You should never ever, we repeat, never ever be seen with a bright color on your wedding day. Don’t do it if you love yourself and the occasion. What you may do is get yourself a black or navy-blue attire. Some couples even match their colors, which is so sweet! If you cannot or will not match the colors, try to contrast at the least. You do need a good choice of color on this day. If you don’t have it, you’ll regret looking at those pictures many years later. You have been warned!

  1. What to Wear

Close your eyes and think about a regular wedding picture? What do you see? Suits! Yes of course, but what kind of suit would suit you best? We’ll give you an idea. For people who are athletic, a three piece would be ideal. If you’re skinny or just have a few more pounds, wear a two piece. You should have a bow tie and avoid neckties at any cost. Also, wear a lot of good perfume! For accessories, a handkerchief and a nice wrist watch should work out very well.

  1. Tailoring

Heard that Hollywood actress says, “A well tailored suit is to women, what lingerie is to men?” It’s true. You need to focus on the make of your suit if you wish to take her breath away. Try to get your tailor to use the finest cloth. It takes a lot of smart tailoring to piece up that best suit. Get your measurements taken to size, ensure that you avoid any ready-made pieces for your big day. After all, a special suit must be made for a special occasion. Don’t you agree?

  1. Choose It Yourself

Do not take the advice given by others as the verdict. It is good to look for opinions and see what or what not people have to say, but do remember that it is not the final decision. It cannot be the final decision. Only you can understand your needs and the choice should be yours. Take matters into your hands, go and look for the various pieces available and remember to give it a trial when it’s made. You don’t want to fall in trouble afterwards! Take a look at Germanicos Tailors in Brisbane.

  1. Wear It Smart

Finally, you need to get yourself some really nice looks by wearing the suit properly. Make sure there are no folds, that your suit has no spots, blemishes or stains, that your shirt is firmly tucked in and your tie is perched on your neck, neat. When you enter, you should be able to turn heads. That’s what you want anyway. Wearing the right suit, the right way should be your only priority. If that happens, you will for sure love the attention and the occasion.

We wish you good luck for your big day. Remember to look smart and along with your suit, remember to wear a smile. It is your day and you need to make the most of it. We’ve probably been able to brief you on the most crucial points to keep in mind. Go ahead, get them to work and you’ll be the best man at the wedding! From all of us here, we wish you both a really happy and long life of togetherness ahead!


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