How To Choose The Right Promise Ring For Your Girlfriend

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Promise Ring: a ring symbolizing eternal commitment between two people in love. A ring that shouts out loud to the world how loyal you’re to one another! Yes, something as simple as a ring insinuating something so deep. Say what? Also planning to buy promise ring? Wondering how to choose the right ring for your girlfriend? Quite a tedious task, isn’t it? Well, what are we here for? Before you even go ahead and buy your promise ring, don’t you think doing a bit of research would only make the process lighter for you? Let’s discuss.

promise ring, finger size

How to decide if it is the right time to give a promise ring?

Let us guess. You’re finally thinking to buy your promise ring and are confused whether you should really go ahead with the idea? If it is really the right time for you? After all this ring is a symbol of ever lasting love and commitment, so why not be 100 percent sure of it? Before jumping to the big fat discussion of choosing the right promise ring, let’s discuss how to decide if it is the right time to give a promise ring! Well, if you’re actually thinking about it (even if you want to keep it a surprise for your girlfriend), we’d suggest you to pop a conversation regarding your relationship with your partner. Since a promise ring usually precedes the engagement ring, why not have a sweet little conversation regarding your future together with your partner, without giving her the hint that you’re planning something like that. Not so tough now, is it? You’d realize how it could actually prove to clear out your mind and let you have the outlook of your partner as well.

Steps to choose the right promise ring for your girlfriend

So, you’ve finally decided it is the right time and are about to begin on the fun process of choosing the right promise ring. Scared a bit? Confused too? Want everything to go just right? Happens! Worry not, we got you covered. A brief 5 step process is all you need and you’re good to go. Hop on!


You need to know the right finger size of your girlfriend, if you don’t already. You also need to know on which finger the promise ring would go on because that’s how you would eventually decide the size, right? So, try to identify the size of the ring she already dons, upscale your observation game and find out the exact finger size to purchase a perfect promise ring for girlfriend.


Donning a promise ring is quite a trend these days and that’s exactly why it is available in a variety of different designs. You need to figure out the one you want firstly. For that, you must be familiar with her preferences. Design of a promise ring could vary from vintage single solitaire ring to something as vibrant as a three stone ring denoting a promise of lifetime. That’s not it. It also comes in a variety of uniquely cut diamond/gemstone ranging from heart to knot or infinity shape. Yes, that diverse. Heart Shape promise ring could denote how your heart would always be hers and infinity shape promise ring could denote how much you love her. Decide accordingly! So, all in all you need to know on which design you actually want to invest your hard earned money, taking everything from her preferences, what you want to convey to the budget into account.


The metal of the promise ring could range from something as classic as rose gold to something as timeless as white gold. For this again, you need to know her preferences. After all, you want to choose the most flawless promise ring for her, don’t you? So, decide which ring would go best on her finger, what all metal options you’re having and what she would eventually prefer.


Last but definitely not the least, since you’ve finally decided to surprise her with a promise ring, what could be more sweet than engraving a personalized message for her. We’d definitely recommend that to you if she is into engraved metal rings. She could don it proudly and flaunt your love to the world. We say you could give it a shot and get a sweet and small ‘Forever yours’ engraved on the promise ring.


Everything said and debated, we’d finally wrap up by saying that if you’re finally planning to buy your promise ring, options and choices are endless. You could go ahead and gift her a classic solitaire promise ring, a heart shape promise ring or a three stone promise ring as well. Researching about the different options you have and finally choosing what works out best for you could never hurt, right? We just hope we could clear out some of your confusion and could help you take a step ahead. We’re sure whatever you choose, she’d definitely like since it is immersed with deep love. See how by following some simple steps, choosing the right promise ring isn’t as tough. Some efforts are sure to be devoted but it’d prove to be worth it in the end. Having said that, we just want to wish you all the luck!

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