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We already hear more and more about wedding planners and what they do. More recently, all event agencies also have a “planner” included, according to You may also find a few companies that otherwise offer sound or photo services. At any ballroom, you can find services that come with a “wedding planner” included, so yes, we can say that the world is accustomed to the name and the idea that there are some people who are named planners or organizers, or consultants and who do some work and make the wedding easier to organize.

For the most part, we have clarified what a wedding planner does: he recommends services, suggests suitable suppliers, gives a helping hand, throws ideas about a theme, takes care of the wedding program and is friendly with brides and guests. I say in large part because many couples are not yet fully aware of the planner’s attributions when they pay for organizing their wedding. Moreover, because in most cases they will be inclined to believe that a wedding organizer is a fairy, with an endless arsenal of magic wands and a few pounds of powdery dust, I would like to tell you a little bit about what a wedding planner does not do.

A wedding planner does not contradict your decisions

If you think a thing is right, I think it’s good for you (to be understood, generically, for your wedding). I do not know you well enough to impose my opinions, tastes, idea or perspective. Anyway, when I recommend to you, say, four photographers, it’s not a trap, it’s not because I would like you to choose from a particular photographer. When it comes to the decoration, I cannot contradict you, even if you want peacock feathers and green flowers with pink spikes. I assume from the start that you know better than me what you want. Please just let me know too.

I can’t read minds

It happens to me to guess tastes (let’s say I associate them with the way you talk, you dress, or other). I’m still going to anticipate some expectations. However, I can’t guess your thoughts. That’s why if you want something and we have not talked about it, there’s a huge chance not to see the 1% of what you sent me “telepathically.” For me, communication (verbal and written, but mainly written) is essential. Without it, I can’t do my job.

I can’t make decisions for you

Yes, I am a responsible person, and I assume everything I do. I can also take the initiative when necessary (say, in case of emergency). Otherwise, I prefer to call you, write an email or text, to be sure we do what you want. That’s why you’re hiring me to organize your wedding.

If the wedding you dream of requires a unique design, you need an event designer (plus one or more mountaineers). Of course, I can place the flowers on the table, put some place cards in place, set up a reception table or a candy bar, cut out all sorts of paper objects, but I cannot build scaffolding, woods tropical or oceanic waves for your wedding. Read all about it here.

I do not act as a “lawyer” of either party

My interest is for the wedding to take place as we have set and for you to be a happy bride. However, I will not argue with your mother, mother-in-law or maid of honor to please you. I know that during a wedding, with a focus on the last month, week or day, there can be discussions in the family, with various friends or even in the couple. I’ll always be on your side; I’m your ally in organizing the wedding. Your colors will be mine, your favorite flowers the same, and your wedding concept will be dearest to me. That does not mean that I can practically “repair” family relationships or solve problems that may well go beyond the wedding organization. On the same note,

I’m not a babysitter for your wedding providers

Suppose we choose to work with professionals, right? Moreover, I firmly believe that the professionals are doing the best they can, without rubbing their head with one or the other.


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