How to choose your wedding jewelry from Ever After Diamond Boutique

wedding jewelry

Jewelry is an important accent on your wedding day. If you want to shine like a million dollars, high quality jewelry with diamonds or gemstones will make a lasting impression. No matter if you go for emerald, sapphire or diamonds, you can shine like a million dollars with wedding jewelry from Ever After Diamond Boutique on Gemsby.

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Diamonds are a girl’s best friend

Why choose diamonds? Diamonds never go out of style. They are very versatile as you can wear diamond jewelry both on and after your wedding day. Think of a diamond wedding ring, diamond bracelet, or some earrings to add a touch of glamour to your wedding dress. The choices are endless. The bracelet, ring, earrings or necklace styles can even work independently of each other.

Yellow or white gold diamond rings

When you visit the Gemsby marketplace for diamonds, gemstones and designer jewelry you will see a huge selection of diamond rings. Maybe you’re wondering if you should go for a white or yellow gold diamond ring? It all depends on your personal taste and style. What’s the difference between those precious metals? An 18 carat yellow gold ring is worth about the same as a ring in 18 carat white gold. With a diamond ring in yellow or white gold, the price difference is mainly in the specific design you choose. If you take a closer look at how white gold is made, you will see that it is really just an alloy of pure yellow gold and other metals, like silver or nickel, palladium. Yellow gold is created in the same way, but the color remains yellow.

wedding jewelry

Match your wedding jewelry with your dress style

If you find it difficult to choose the right wedding jewelry you might want to take a closer look at your wedding dress. What kind of style is it? Traditional, elegant with lace, over the top glamorous, or trendy. Keeping the wedding dress style in mind, you can pick a diamond ring that compliments it well.


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