How to Edit Videos On Mac to Make Them Look Professional

edit videos on mac

Are you trying to figure out how to edit videos on mac so they look professional? Read this article to learn the best way to edit videos on mac.

By 2022, online video content will account for 82% of all internet traffic across the globe! More companies are jumping on the video marketing trend to connect with customers. By creating eye-catching, engaging videos, you can wow your target audience and boost your brand.

Whether you’re creating videos for your business, stunning wedding videos, or learning for fun, it helps to know the ropes. By learning how to edit videos on Mac, you can make sure your videos look crisp and professional. Otherwise, you might fail to make an impact with your viewers.

Learn how to make a wow-worthy video with these seven easy tips!

1. Adjust Your Workspace

If you’ve decided to learn how to edit videos on Mac, it’s likely you’re using iMovie. Before you start editing, take the time to adjust your workspace. Having all the tools you need in front of you will make the process a lot easier.

When you first start using the program, iMovie will give you the basic interface layout. You can make adjustments to the layout by customizing it with the tools you need.

If you’ve worked with another version of iMovie in the past, you can also revert back to that older version.

Click on the Windows menu. There, you can find different tools and interface components for your workspace.

You can also click on the Settings button located on the right side of the timeline pane. There, you can adjust how much space your video clips take on the screen. You can also set the audio waveforms to hide and show.

Try adjusting the zoom levels by using the slider on the left of the Settings button, too.

Play around with these workspace settings as you start using the rest of these editing tips. You might find there are certain tools or settings you prefer depending on your editing process.

2. Make Sure It’s Stable

Once you’ve dragged your video footage into the program, watch your video once. Make note of which segments you want to keep and which you want to remove. Cutting out the video footage you don’t need now will help you save time.

That way, you don’t have to dig around for the best pieces of video.

Do you notice that some of your footage is a little shakey? Shaky footage is common if you shoot without using a tripod. Don’t worry; iMovie has an editing tool that can help.

Select the video clip you want to edit from within your timeline. Then, click the Stabilization button located above the preview window.

Click on “Stabilize Shaky Video,” located on the left. This tool will let you adjust how much stabilization you’ll need to improve your videos by zooming in on your frames.

Make sure to play your videos over to confirm that they appear steady. Otherwise, you might have to increase the stabilization level. iMovie’s “Fix Rolling Shutter” option can also help if you have fast-panning shots, too.

3. Consider the Coloring

As you learn how to edit a video on Mac, you might decide to use multiple videos and photos. Before finishing your video project, take a look at the lighting. Is there an awkward switch between different shots?

If so, you might want to adjust the lighting and coloring for your footage.

Look for iMovie’s “Color Match” option. This setting can help you match how two separate clips appear. Adjusting the coloring and lighting will make the switch from one clip to the next feel more natural.

Select a clip within your timeline. Then, click on the Color Balance panel located in the preview window pane.

Click on Color Match. Then, iMovie will have you choose another frame from within your project. You can duplicate the color palette in that frame to make sure the first clip you chose matches.

4. Add an Image Overlay

Some people like using a picture-in-picture option within their videos. You can use image overlays to put an image over a video clip or vice versa.

To add an image overlay, select a clip from your timeline. Then, drag that clip into the row that’s above the main timeline. Next, click on the “Picture-in-Picture” option.

Make sure to adjust the top-most image. If it’s too large, it might obstruct the view of the image or video underneath.

You can also use effects to adjust the final image. For example, consider using a transition such as Zoom or Dissolve. You can also add a frame to the top-most image to help it stand out.

If you’re worried about people stealing your images, consider adding a watermark. You can use this how-to guide to get started:

5. Fix Your Photos

Are you using a lot of photos within your videos? Make sure to edit each one. When learning how to edit photos on Mac, you can:

  • Adjust the brightness
  • Use Selective Color
  • Adjust for noise reduction
  • Switch to black and white
  • Adjust the color saturation
  • Improve the white balance and sharpness
  • Add a vignette
  • Retouch an image
  • Add filters
  • Crop and straighten

To make many of these changes, use the Photos app on your Mac before moving the images over to iMovie.

6. Add Transitions

Try adding transitions between separate clips to create a more natural flow. Animations can also help your videos look professionally edited.

However, make sure you don’t go crazy with the transitions. Too many can feel awkward and childish.

You can find animations under the Transitions header. Drag a transition between two clips within your timeline. Don’t forget to adjust the timing to improve flow from one clip to the next.

7. Minimize Noise

If you’re using videos for marketing landing pages, a professional-looking video could increase conversion rates by 80%. A video with a lot of weird background noise, however, could scare viewers away.

Try detaching the audio from your video. You can use the Detach Audio option located in the Modify menu. This option allows you to remove audio or move audio to another clip.

How to Edit Videos on Mac: 7 Tips for Wow-Worthy Videos

Start creating stunning movies all on your own. With these seven tips, you can learn how to edit videos on Mac with ease. Make an eye-catching, wow-worthy production with these tips today!

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