How to entertain kids during a wedding

entertain kids

There comes a lot of planning when you want to celebrate your wedding. From guest lists to the theme of your wedding. One of the things we can’t forget is how can we keep guests entertained. You might almost forget you have to entertain kids as they can get bored really fast if they have to sit all day. If you wonder how to keep kids entertained at a wedding read on.

1. The children’s corner
Kids appreciate a place on their own where they can play with other kids. If you have a corner arranged for them at your wedding make sure there is something fun to do. You can buy inflatable products like bubble soccer  to keep the kids entertained. Hang a name card for each child around a big table and decorate with craft supplies, candy and children champagne. Kids will enjoy this!

2 Get active to entertain kids
Kids like to be active and don’t want to sit all day and be quiet. If you want to make your wedding entertainment proof make sure the kids have a place to get active. Get an inflatable slide so they can play outside and won’t get bored. Their parents will be grateful kids have something fun to do at your wedding.

3. Cake Decorating
You probably already plan to have a big wedding cake. But kids love to get creative and decorate themselves. Provide them white cupcakes or little wedding cakes that they can decorate with an icing pen. It will be lots of fun for them to get creative they can eat.

4.Photo assignment
Another way to entertain kids is with a photo assignment. Give kids disposable camera’s and let them make pictures during your wedding. You can tell them they have to take pics of couples, things they find beautifull and so on. Afterwards they have a pile of photos and great memories.

5. Outdoor air mattress
If you want to celebrate your wedding outdoors you should consider an air mattress or zorb ball outdoor for your kids. The easiest way for them to have fun and stay active and interact with other kids during your wedding.


6 Goodie Bags
Everyone loves a present and kids are no exception. A personal bag filled with free stuff is a way to make them super happy. The party can’t get better with a personalized goodie bag. You can put in a bag of candy, crayons and a coloring book and a disposable camera. Add some toys to keep them entertained and they will be happy guests. You might even want to prepare a goodie bag for your adult guests!

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